Best Served Hot: What is Your Favorite Casserole?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve talked about our favorite casserole recipes before, but seeing as how today is the official start of Casserole Week at The Kitchn, it seemed like an important topic to revisit! What’s your most-loved, must-make, can’t-live-without casserole?

A casserole can go by many names. We’ve got hot dishes and tians. There are gratins, panades, and bread puddings. Lasagnas, shepard’s pie, cassoulet – these are all casseroles in their own right.

Personally, we think of a casserole as anything baked in a dish until hot and bubbly. We like ones that have a good balance of chewy, crispy, and tender bits. An nice handful of cheese is always welcome to bind everything together and add some rich flavor.

Here are some of our recent favorites:

Which casseroles do you love the most?