20 Products That Kitchn Readers Couldn’t Get Enough of This Year

published Dec 28, 2022
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Now more than ever, kitchen products and gadgets skyrocket to popularity with an onslaught of five-star reviews, a viral video, or an influencer’s recommendation, and before you know it, people everywhere are putting things to the test.

Here at Kitchn, we’re determined to test (and report back without bias) about every gadget, gizmo, and hack we hear about, and based on our shopping analysis of 2022, lots of you enjoy finding new and useful items, too! So we’re counting down the 20 most-loved kitchen and pantry items you bought this year, from actually-good canned chicken, to ingenious organizers, to luxurious advent calendars full of flavorful jams.

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Even though it’s at the end of our top 20 list, we’re still blown away that more than 500 of you ordered ZENB gluten-free pasta. Maybe that’s because contributor Stella Totino, who has celiac disease, says it’s the best gluten-free pasta she’s ever had — and that’s coming from someone who grew up on Italian food. Totino says ZENB is “A gluten-free pasta so good, my whole family decided to eat it with me on their own accord.”

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was $20.99

Coming in at only $13, this thermometer has racked up positive Amazon reviews in the tens of thousands, so, naturally, contributor Danielle Centoni had to give it a test. It performed almost as well as the much pricier Thermapen Centoni swears by (plus it has magnets so it can conveniently clip on the fridge). If you’re on a budget or looking for a travel-ready option, this cheaper thermometer is well worth adding to your kitchen tool kit,” she says.

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Contributor and Registered Dietitian Lauren Manaker always keeps her pantry stocked with this particular brand of canned chicken, as it’s simply pre-cooked chicken with a pinch of salt — that’s it. Manaker loves to use it for chicken salad, in casseroles, and as a salad topper. Plus, if you needed any more enticing, more than 700 of you already bought it!

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was $4.99

While researching the best ways to clean her new induction stovetop, contributor Shifrah Combiths came upon the suggestion to use a plastic razor blade to scrape off the most stubborn messes without scratching the glass. It worked exceedingly well on the cooktop, but Combiths has found a range of situations in which it’s just as helpful. “With hot water, I’ve used it to scrape label residue from the bottoms of newly purchased plastic storage containers,” she says. “I’ve also used it to get rid of greasy, burnt-on residue from casserole dishes. Additionally, I recently painted the frames of our back patio doors, and the plastic razor blade was great at removing errant paint from the glass.”

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The Pink Stuff has been trending online for some time now, and for good reason. This versatile cleaning paste can be used on countertop stains, backsplashes, grout, the inside of the microwave, stainless steel sinks, grill grates, and more. Almost 800 of you are now Pink Stuff converts, so do weigh in below on your favorite uses.

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was $14.70

Squeegees aren’t just for showers and windows — they can be super helpful for cleaning sinks and kitchen surfaces too. “You can use it to wipe spills on your counter into your sink, or to push water down the drain when you’re cleaning the inside of the sink,” says Ashley Abramson. “This model also happens to come with a brush, so it’s super useful for crumbs that accumulate around the sink (or, honestly, anywhere on your counter).”

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The Container Store
was $9.99

If I had a nickel for every time a pot, pan, or lid came tumbling out of the cabinet onto my feet, I’d probably have enough to buy a full set of these cabinet lid organizers. Contributor Rochelle Bilow loves these lid organizers because they utilize cabinet doors instead of precious cabinet space, and says they’re super simple to use, accommodate a wide range of lid sizes, and come with an adhesive backing that’s strong enough to hold even heavy cast iron lids.

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Does it get any more adorable than a tiny jam jar advent calendar? No, it simply does not. And that’s why more than 1,000 people decided to gift (to themselves or others) one of the Bonne Maman advent calendars this year.

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was $25.99

The perfect medium between a “bulky, sauce-stained oven mitt and a pile of crumpled, disintegrating paper towels,” writes contributor and recipe developer Rebecca Firkser, is a set of side towels. They’re a restaurant chef's secret weapon to add to your home cook arsenal to “pull something from the oven, move a skillet onto another burner, dry off freshly rinsed carrots (and then my hands), and repeat, over and over again,” without the guilt of ruining a prized tea towel or wadding up 10 too many paper towels.

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was $89.99

A steam mop that can clean rugs, blinds, glass, mirrors, grout, and upholstery too? Apparently it’s not too good to be true. “The PurSteam ThermaPro 211 is seriously a game-changer,” says Director of Commerce, Mark Marino. “And I only wish I had gotten it sooner. I have been wowed by how useful it is and how it makes cleaning my apartment so much faster and easier. In fact, it is actually motivating me to clean more, and I can’t wait to use it on my stove, my area rug, my sofa, my windows, and my mirrors.”

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was $9.77

Got a cluttered and cramped area under your kitchen sink? You’re definitely not alone. In order to create a ton more space, consider some Command organizing caddies. Ashley Abramson employed two of these nifty guys inside her cabinet doors and walls to totally transform her under-sink zone.

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We simply cannot say it better than lifetime Good Seasons lover and contributor, Jessica Prudenti-Montalvo: “This dressing is a thick concoction with a taste that’s unmistakably tangy, subtly sweet, and vaguely reminiscent of chopped salads from my local pizzeria. When tossed with your favorite pasta shape (I love a classic rotini!) and various pasta salad accouterments (thinly sliced olives, red peppers, halved cherry tomatoes, some fresh herbs, even bacon), it’s a star at any backyard buffet.” Yum.

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The organizer so good, former commerce editor Sholeen Damarwala owns four. “I used my first set to hold kitchen napkins, plant food, Swedish dish towels, scrubs, microfiber cloths, dishwasher tablets, and even a stovetop cleaner,” she writes. “I’m using the second set to store spices and baking ingredients, and the third and fourth (for bathroom essentials).”

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If your home is particularly prone to dust, this thin duster might be the all-in-one cleaning solution you’ve been looking for. It’s perfect for hard-to-reach areas like ”under the sofa to behind the washing machine, around the toilet, or pretty much anything flush against something else; this tight-space duster will pick up anything from crumbs to dust to pet hair,” according to Best List writer, Kendall Cornish.

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We’ve made it to the top five: Starting with this under-cabinet, inside-the-door, wherever-you-need adhesive paper towel holder. Turns out, almost 1,500 of you were in the market for a better paper towel storage solution, and you found it in this super-strong, aesthetically neutral paper towel holder.

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was $745.00

Caraway was a hit with Kitchn readers this year, and the brand's new Iconics line was a major standout. The DTC darling is known for its gorgeous nonstick and non-toxic cookware, but the Iconics collection took it to another level with classic hues and gold handles and knobs that Managing Editor of Commerce, Tamara Kraus, likened to kitchen decor.

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The mania over Stanley Quenchers has been palpable this year, so it’s no wonder this was right up there in the top five most-purchased items from our readers. “If you’re new to the Stanley Adventure Quencher,” explains commerce writer Erin Cavoto, “allow us to elaborate on why this cup has such a huge cult following. Unlike many travel tumblers, the Stanley cup’s handle is larger with a comfortable grip. It’s so easy to transport that fans of the cup say that they bring it with them everywhere they go.”

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Love fresh garlic, but hate the task of mincing it? You're all set now, thanks to this nifty rocking garlic press that’s easy-to-clean (unlike traditional garlic presses), yields perfectly sized bits of garlic, and is only $7.

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Believe it or not, Mrs Stewart’s Bluing Liquid has been in production for more than 100 years, but either we introduced you to the magical stuff, or reminded you of its supreme power, as more than 2,400 purchases of it were made. “Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing's job is to re-brighten whites before they’ve gotten too dingy,” says contributor Danielle Centoni. “It doesn’t remove anything from fabric — it adds to it. That’s why it’s not a replacement for stain removers or detergents, but it can re-brighten your whites.”

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Williams Sonoma

Drum roll, please … the most-purchased item from our stories this year? A hard-bristled brush specifically made for cleaning stubborn cast iron. “The little chisel tip at the top is super-handy for helping to pry off the really cooked-on stuff,” writes Danielle Centoni. ”And although this workhorse of a dish scrubber is meant for cast iron, I’ve been using it to clean stainless steel and brush crud off my dishes before loading in the dishwasher.” Over 3,000 of you have this brush now, so tell us what you think!