Best Sandwich Spread: Watkins Honey Mustard

Best Sandwich Spread: Watkins Honey Mustard

Emma Christensen
Aug 28, 2009

We're not what you might call condimaniacs at our house, and we're usually happy with whatever jar or squeeze bottle comes to hand first. But on a recent summer trip to visit family, we became absolutely addicted to this vinegary, un-ground mustard and now we crave it constantly. Do you know this mustard?

The real hook for this mustard is the fact that it's un-ground. We've had coarsely ground mustard before and even mustards labeled "whole grain," but they were nothing like this.

See all those tiny individual mustard seeds in the photo above? Those pop in your mouth as you eat, adding texture and releasing a little burst of mustard flavor in every bite. It's so unexpected and so very good!

And the flavor is really out of this world. We had the honey mustard variety, and we thought that it had a nice balance of sweetness and tart vinegar. The pure mustard flavor was still front and center. Apparently they also have German-Style, Horseradish, and Jalapeno mustards, and we can only imagine how incredible those taste!

This mustard really shines in sandwiches. The unique texture and forward flavor gets a little lost in dishes like potato salad or braises. We loved it simply spread on a piece of toasted bread and piled with thick-cut sandwich meat and a slice of cheese. Perfect.

The only problem is finding a source for Watkins mustard now that we're back home. We didn't see it in our nearest chain grocery store, and we have yet to investigate some of the smaller specialty groceries and co-ops. There are a few websites that claim to sell it, but we don't actually see the mustard listed on their product page. We might just have to beg our relatives to send us regular shipments!

Do you love this mustard too? Where do you find it?

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(Image: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)

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