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The $5 Tool That Spreads Butter Way Better than a Regular Old Butter Knife

published Sep 17, 2021
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Stick of butter, one opened
Credit: Joe Lingeman

If you love toast, I’m guessing that at some point in the last week or so you’ve tried to spread cold butter on a slice of perfectly golden-brown bread … only to wind up with a torn mess of shredded bread. Surely it can’t just be me who’s had to deal with this.

And so I recently spent an afternoon testing five different butter-spreading gadgets to find the most fuss-free of them all. The winner? Let me just say it was not what I was expecting. At all.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

While there were plenty of newfangled gadgets, for which I had high hopes, my favorite spreader was the simplest: a stainless steel spreader with a wide blade and serrations on one side. The serrations swiftly cut through butter, while the blade easily spreads it. The spreader works pretty well for cold butter and amazingly for room-temperature butter. The blade’s substantial surface area sweeps butter across toast in one fell swoop. And guess what else? I’ve found that it’s also ideal for scooping and spreading a thin layer of condiments, like mayo or mustard, onto sandwiches. And did I mention it’s dishwasher-safe?

There are many of these butter knives out there, but I have this $5 one from Zyliss. Which happens to be an Amazon bestseller, with more than 2,500 five-star reviews. Don’t just take my word for how awesome it is, though: Here’s what other happy customers had to say.

“Fantastic! So, it’s a little knife and it’s $4.99, this thing isn’t life changing. But, it is hefty and extremely solid for the price. It fits comfortably in my hand and the cutting side is just sharp enough to get through a sandwich without my worrying that my kids will lop off a finger in the process. Let’s be clear, you could cut yourself, but it is primarily made for spreading and the serrated cutting side will get you through some bread and deli meat but that’s where it ends (and that’s where I want it to end).”

“This is one of those things you never knew you needed until you get it! So fun and easy to use. It’s like the PERFECT tool.”

“This is one of those products you never knew you needed. I bought one a while back and my husband asked what it was. When I told him he said why can’t you just use a butter knife. Then one day weeks later he used it. He said, this is the best knife I’ve ever used for sandwiches. So, I ordered a second one for those I use Mayo and he uses Miracle Whip sandwich days.”

Do you have a favorite butter spreader?