This Salad Dressing Shaker Has a 4.8-Star Rating on Amazon and Thousands of Glowing Reviews

updated Jan 4, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Volo

Raise your hand if you’re hoping to eat more salad in 2021? Yeah, us too. Which means, by default, that we’re also going to be making more salad dressing in 2021. We just like the fresh stuff better than the store-bought stuff. And it’s not exactly hard to make your own salad dressing — especially if you have a salad dressing shaker. While we often default to Mason jars (because that’s what’s there), specialized salad dressing shakers usually have mess-free pour spouts built into the top, measurement markings on the sides, and other smart features. They’re great for mixing up dressing and then storing the leftovers. Thinking about upgrading our homemade dressing situation, we decided to look to see who makes the bestselling one on Amazon. Of course, it’s OXO.

We love nearly every product OXO makes (in fact, we picked a lot of their products for our list of Kitchn Essentials), so it wasn’t a surprise to see this top the list. OXO’s Salad Dressing Shaker has a wide-mouthed opening to accommodate all sorts of ingredients and cleaning, an airtight and leakproof seal which can be opened and closed with just one hand, and measurement markings on the side. It comes in two sizes (one cup and 1.5 cups) and it gets the green light from Cook’s Illustrated. And, again, it’s the bestselling salad dressing shaker on all of Amazon, which is why we’re here. Let’s see what some of those happy shoppers had to say.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

“I had purchased a couple salad dressing containers prior to this one. I found that they all dribbled. This dressing shaker does all the right stuff. The size is perfect for mixing just enough dressing to last for a month or so. It’s easy to mix the dressing because the top comes off easily. Measurements are on the side of the shaker to make measuring out ingredients even easier. The top plug is tight enough that I can shake the bottle vigorously without any leakage. Because the spout is curved, dressing that lingers on the top tends to run back into the bottle, so that none is wasted. I’ve been using this dressing shaker for about a year and still no dribbles. It holds up well. I haven’t had any pieces wear down or break.”

“I can’t imagine ever going back to bottled salad dressing after making my own for the past several years. I was used to the challenges (and failures) of using my plastic containers, but didn’t know about this little gem. Came across it while browsing our local department store’s kitchen department. Bought one for myself and another as a gift. Have purchased several more since then. This invention is a keeper!”

“OXO is a brand that I rely on in my home, and their products are good quality. I bought this one-cup salad dressing shaker, and it is really the perfect size for making homemade, fresh salad dressing. It has a nice, wide opening to add your ingredients, seals tightly, dispenses smoothly, and is very easy to clean. What more do you need? It is perfect for me!”

Do you make your own salad dressing? How do you store it?