This Wine Expert’s Choice for the Perfect $8 Rosé Glass Is Not What You’d Expect

updated Jun 5, 2019
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Credit: Ekaterina_Molchanova

It’s National Rosé Day! Most of these made-up holidays are kind of ridiculous, but I’ll take any excuse to drink on a sunny Saturday afternoon. If you’re looking for inspiration, here’s my favorite budget rosé that’s available at Trader Joe’s — a gorgeous, classic rosé from France that will instantly make you feel fancier — and this lip-smacking Austrian number that feels like diving into a swimming pool filled with lightly carbonated fresh cherry juice. Yum. Okay, so now that your fridge is full, what glass should you use?

This insulated wine tumbler is the $8 Amazon find you’ll want to use all summer.

While it would be ideal to admire the beautiful pink hue of your wine, when it comes to outdoor drinking traditional stemmed glasses are kind of a pain. Glass is a no-go at most pools, beaches, and outdoor concerts, and most of the plastic glasses with stems I’ve seen are just not cute. Stemmed glasses are also hard to balance on uneven surfaces like grass or sand, leading to spills.

Credit: Diane McMartin

This would all point to stemless glasses as the ideal solution, but normally stemless glasses aren’t my favorite because I don’t like my sweaty paws warming up my wine. But this tumbler is insulated, so it solves that problem. It’ll keep your wine nice and chilly — and if you throw in a couple of ice cubes, no one will know. It also has a lid and even a straw (which you can just not use if you’re sipping wine — or do, I’m not judging you). The lid is important because wine attracts bugs, and who wants critters using their rosé as a swimming pool? And if you do happen to knock over your glass as you’re reaching for a bag of tortilla chips while absorbed in a pulpy spy novel (I’ve just described my ideal summer day), there will be less mess.

While this budget tumbler is great, if you really want to invest in yourself and your summer drinking pleasure, I highly recommend Corksicle’s insulated tumbler. It comes in a bunch of cute colors (there’s one called Unicorn Magic. I mean.), and, like all their products, it’s durable and works well.

Another great thing about these insulated tumblers? You can use them for all kinds of warm-weather beverages. Because even during the lazy days of summer, sometimes you might need to fill that cup with cold brew and get some work done!