30 Recipes You Should Make This September

published Sep 1, 2023
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Image of salted caramel-covered apple pie bars.
Credit: Kelli Foster

September is a great month for cooking. It’s the start of cozy season, so of course, iconic fall recipes like pumpkin pie bars and apple cider doughnuts are top of mind. But the lingering sunny days also call for bright eats like Chicago-style hot dogs, copycat Starbucks Pink Drink, raspberry cheesecake, and sautéed chayote squash. Bottom line: There’s lots of delicious things to eat. 

These are the top 30 recipes that Kitchn editors are beyond excited to make. Won’t you cook along with us? 

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Fresh Fig Jam

If on your fall bucket list you wrote "make jam" (even though you've never ever made jam before), this easy 4-ingredient recipe will help you live out your dreams.

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Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls

"After that viral heavy cream hack, I swore off making cinnamon rolls from scratch, BUT seeing (and getting a sneak taste) of Nicole's work of art — is that a Jackson Pollock? — I'm bookmarking these for a lazy Sunday morning," says Mara, Senior Groceries Editor

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Fried Green Tomatoes

"There are always a few green tomatoes left on my tomato plants at the end of summer. I don't mind that they've never fully ripened because that's my sign to fry up a back of cornmeal-crusted fried green tomatoes," says Staff Writer, Patty.

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Anchovy Carbonara

"We eat a lot of pasta and carbonara in our house. Very excited to switch it up with this pantry-friendly riff on a classic," says Recipe Director, Lauren.

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Raspberry Cheesecake
With a simple 3-ingredient topping, this dreamy raspberry cheesecake is the perfect balance of sweet and tart.
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Copycat Starbucks Pink Drink
This homemade version of the viral Starbucks Pink Drink comes together with just 5 ingredients.
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How to Make the Best Apple Cider Doughnuts at Home

"Apple season is here! And with it, apple cider so that you can make the most delicious apple cider doughnuts, even if you don't go apple picking," says Senior Recipe Editor, Christine.

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French Onion Dip Chicken Thighs

The whole team only had rave reviews for this crunchy-punchy chicken dinner. "Between the juicy chicken, creamy dip, and caramelized onions, my family couldn't get enough!", says Senior Food Editor, Kristina. "I'm a firm believer in the power of mayo when it comes to cooking chicken. Mixing it with onion soup mix before being slathered onto chicken thighs to get crispy in the oven like this recipe calls for is GENIUS!", according to Recipe Director, Lauren.

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Chocolate Chip Scones

Get ready for a bold proclamation from Senior Groceries Editor, Mara. "If I'm being totally honest, I'm excited to make these every month. Just look at that leaning tower of scones!!! Do yourself a favor and double the recipe and freeze half for future you."

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Pasta alla Norma

Senior Contributing Editor, Sheela, has been cooking a lot of eggplant this summer but September is when she starts to crave cozier classics that feature the vegetable, like this Pasta alla Norma.

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Stuffed Eggplant Parm

Another one of Sheela's falltime eggplant faves is this stuffed eggplant Parm from Culinary Producer, Kelli. It takes everything you love about a traditional eggplant Parm and stuffs it into a hollowed-out eggplant shell and is topped with melted mozzarella.

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Chicago-Style Hot Dog
Recreate the Windy City's iconic delicacy with all-beef juicy hot dogs, fluffy poppy seed buns, and loads of crunchy, salty toppings.
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Apple Dump Cake
For the easiest fall dessert, just dump apple pie filling, cake mix, and butter into a dish and bake!
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Cheesy, Savory Oatmeal with Kimchi

Ever since she tested it, Staff Writer Patty hasn't stopped thinking about this cheesy kimchi oatmeal from Culinary Producer James. Now that the weather is cooling down Patty can entertain the thought of a warm breakfast, and she says this is first up.

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Easy Skillet Pork Chops with Apples
These thick cider-brined chops are tender, juicy, and practically foolproof, and are nestled atop wedges of sweet apples and onion.
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Fall Panzanella with Crispy Leeks

This hearty, crisp-weather riff on traditional panzanella leans into the very best of your September produce.

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Creamy Spinach Chicken

This extra cozy one-pan chicken has major creamed spinach vibes plus tons of protein.

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Monster Cookies

Chock-full of peanut butter, oats, and M&Ms, these soft cookies are the perfect after-school or after-work snack.

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Caramelized Figs and Ravioli with Rosemary Brown Butter & Crispy Prosciutto

Staff Writer Patty's fig tree is bursting with fruit, so it's the perfect time to make one of her favorite summer-to-fall pasta recipes. Pick up a basket of fresh figs at your local grocery store, farmer's market, or find a friend with a tree — they're sure to be happy to share.

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Gochujang Chicken Alfredo

"I had instant FOMO the day this was shot at the office and I was working from home. Never have I ever wanted to hop on the subway faster," admits Senior Groceries Editor, Mara, "I will absolutely be making this at home instead — WFH lunch for 1!"

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Similar to lasagna in construction, this Puerto Rican casserole is made with layers of sweet plantain, meat sauce, and shredded cheese.
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Garlicky Miso Tahini Noodles

Famished but only have 15 minutes before your next meeting? In exactly that much time, you can make this delicious noodle dish with just pantry ingredients.

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Cashew Butter

This easy cashew butter accomplishes three things: it amps up the nutty flavors, adds the right amount of sweetness that’s more complex than just straight-up sugar, and mixes in some spices to complement the flavors of cashew.

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Trader Joe's Cauliflower Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Sage
Trader Joe's beloved cauliflower gnocchi stars in this easy 15-minute dinner.
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Apple Pie Spice

Make a jar of this harmonious blend of warm and aromatic spices, and you're basically set for any and all fall baking project.

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Pumpkin Pie Bars

If even Recipe Production Coordinator, Justine, as known as The Kitchn's famed pie hater, loves these pumpkin pie bars then imagine how much you will love them.

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Chayote Squash

For a quick yet stellar side dish, cook thinly sliced chayote in a pan along with lightly browned garlic and softened onions. Once it’s tender, season the dish with fish sauce and lots of freshly ground black pepper.

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Brown Sugar Bourbon Steak Bites

Seared steak bites are glazed with sweet brown sugar and bourbon.

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Cheesy Chickpea Melts

These chickpea melts are the favorite fall WFH lunch of Staff Writer, Patty. Not only are they ultra saucy, but you can use whatever beans, greens, and cheese you have on hand.

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Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

Recipe Director, Lauren, says she not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, but she has a feeling these bars will help her get excited for fall.

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