The 30 Best Recipes to Cook This June

published Jun 1, 2023
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Photograph of steak kebabs in on a metal quarter sheet tray.
Credit: Kelli Foster

Once we turn the page on the calendar to June, one thing is clear: Summertime is finally here! It’s time to draft that mental bucket list of all the things you want to do (and cook!) in the season of warm weather (and with vacation top of mind). 

For us Kitchn editors, it’s not summer until we get our fill of lots of good eating. We think there’s no better moment to go to the farmers market, buy tons of vibrant fruits and vegetables, and come home and fashion yourself something really simple yet really delicious, like a rhubarb crisp, a jam-packed salad, or an easy but elegant strawberry sundae. Once the grill is on, it will stay on for steak kebabs, hot dogs, and chicken cutlets. Bow tie pasta salad and potato salad are on deck, too, because no cookout can survive on — or be as fun with — meat alone. 

The warm weather hasn’t discouraged some of us from planning to crank on the oven to bake, especially when the end result tastes like sunshine (hi there, piña colada cupcakes). For those of us who can’t bear that thought? Many frozen hot chocolates are on the horizon. 

If you’re looking for snacks to take with you on an upcoming road trip, why not prepare a tray of crunchy homemade Chex mix or mix up a slab of joy-inducing Rice Krispies treats? We’ve also got Father’s Day to think about, and juicy chicken sandwiches, big skillet frittatas, and loaded pizzas should fit the bill for a brunch and lunch that shows Dad some love. 

It’s safe to say that June can and will be absolutely delicious. Here are 30 of our favorite ideas for recipes to cook, drink, grill, and bake throughout the month ahead. 

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2-Ingredient Watermelon Sherbet

Staff Writer, Patty, could not be more excited to cool off with this low-effort, high-reward frozen treat. "Homemade watermelon sherbet is the most magical summer dessert because anyone can make it with just two ingredients and no ice cream maker."

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Grilled Salmon Caesar

No need to go back and forth from the kitchen to the patio this summer. Every component of this leveled-up Caesar salad is cooked on the grill – from the romaine and salmon to the lemon and croutons.

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Steak Kebabs

These steak kebabs were the best thing Culinary Producer Kelli says she grilled last summer, and she plans to bring them back this month (and all summer long!). "I also use the marinade from this recipe every time I grill flank steak and it is so perfect!"

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Halloumi Salad with Peaches, Cherries, and Arugula

Great news: Cherry season will be in full swing this month! Senior Recipe Editor, Christine, has bookmarked this jam-packed halloumi salad so that she can make it the moment the fruit is at its peak. The dish combines those juicy cherries with ripe peaches, peppery arugula, creamy avocado, crunchy pistachios, and crispy cubes of halloumi cheese.

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North Carolina BBQ Sauce

In North Carolina, barbecue sauce is tangy, vinegar-based, and used for mopping and topping pork barbecue. Here’s how to make it from scratch for all your summer cookout needs.

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Rhubarb Crisp

Editor-in-Chief, Lindsay, was waiting very impatiently for rhubarb to arrive at her local farmers market. Now that the season has arrived, she will be making this rhubarb crisp on repeat!

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Arroz Verde Recipe
Fresh cilantro and poblano peppers give this rice dish a vibrant green hue and an incredible herby flavor.
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Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry picking is a top priority in Culinary Producer Kelli's family and she plans to use some of her haul for this strawberry smoothie, which just so happens to be her toddler's favorite recipe!

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Nicole Taylor's Cucumber Granita

This cucumber granita from Nicole Taylor's cookbook, Watermelon and Red Birds, is the most refreshing way possible to celebrate Juneteenth.

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Funfetti Rice Krispies Treats

Classic Rice Krispies Treats are nice, but Recipe Director, Lauren, has her eyes on this colorful twist on the beloved snack. Lots of rainbow sprinkles and just a touch of almond extract help bring major birthday cake energy.

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St. Louis Ribs
Ribs covered in a smoky barbecue seasoning, brushed with your favorite barbecue sauce, and then broiled until sticky and caramelized.
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Grilled Chicken Cutlets with Pistachio-Avocado Relish

After she made these grilled chicken breasts with pistachio-avocado relish, Senior Food Editor, Kristina, realized they were fantastic. She plans to double the recipe moving forward as a way to prevent her dinner party guests from fighting over the last bites (again).

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White Pound Cake

This tender pound cake from The Taste of Country Cooking by Edna Lewis is perfect on its own or with fresh fruit.

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Plantain Frittata
A layer of plantain slices brings nostalgia and deeply crisp, sweet caramelization to this budget-friendly frittata.
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Strawberry Sundaes: Vanilla Ice Cream, Pulsed Strawberries + Meringue

This easy yet elegant sundae from Abra Berens features vanilla ice cream, in-season strawberries, and homemade meringue.

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Spicy Labneh Fried Chicken Sandwich

These juicy labneh-fried chicken sandwiches – stacked to the gills with great fixings like arugula, avocado, mango, and dill pickles – are the perfect sandwich to serve this Father's Day.

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Frozen Hot Chocolate

Many people on the Kitchn team (Editor-in-Chief, Lindsay, and Cleaning and Organizing Editor, Quinn, to name a few!) are thrilled to make this three-ingredient frozen hot chocolate on a very hot day. As its name suggests, the thick milkshake-like drink tastes just like hot chocolate except it's super cold and refreshing.

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Plum Tart

You'll want to try this plum tart before it gets way too hot to crank on the oven. In the words of Drew Barrymore, do not miss the opportunity!

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Hash Brown Breakfast Sandwiches
Who needs bread when you can make breakfast sandwiches with crispy potato planks instead?
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Strawberry-Rhubarb Baked Oatmeal

Recipe Production Coordinator, Justine, is super excited to get her fix of both strawberries and rhubarb with this tender, creamy baked breakfast.

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Lemonade from Scratch

Ditch the powder and the simple syrup for the easiest homemade lemonade ever.

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Bow Tie Pasta Salad

Your cookout isn’t complete with a big batch of pasta salad dressed in zesty vinaigrette and tossed together with a rainbow of fresh vegetables.

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Piña Colada Cupcakes

After cross-testing this recipe, Senior Food Editor, Kristina, had only the most glowing remarks. "I really enjoyed this unconventional spin on cupcakes. The cupcakes themselves are lightly sweet and moist from the combination of brown sugar and crushed pineapple. They’re brushed with a pineapple-rum simple syrup and topped with a creamy coconut frosting that brings home that piña colada flavor."

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Oven-Baked Chex Mix

Homemade Chex mix is a natural choice for road trip snacking.

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The Ultimate Summer Pizza
All your favorite summer veggies are piled onto crisp grilled pizza dough that's brushed with garlic-herb oil.
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Seafood Boil

Summer is the season for hosting friends, according to Staff Writer, Patty. This seafood boil is her fun way to feed a crowd.

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Classic Italian Sub Sandwich

The one thing that can ruin a beach day? A soggy sandwich. Lucky for you, we've come up with a delicious packed sandwich that stays crisp and fresh even on the hottest, sunniest day by the ocean.

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Harvest Moon Dogs

Recipe Director, Lauren, is firing up her grill for these loaded hot dogs. "I love the idea of adding crunchy, fresh veggies and a garlicky Greek yogurt sauce to grilled hot dogs."

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Mapo Tofu

Even as the temperatures start to burn up, we guarantee that you'll want to tuck into a steamy bowl of rice and mapo tofu. Soft cubes of tofu in this classic Sichuan dish are braised in a captivatingly hot sauce flavored with black beans, chili paste, and pieces of crispy beef or pork.

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Loaded Potato Salad
A homey potato salad loaded with bacon, cheese, and green onion/scallions in a sour cream and mayo dressing. It’s all the flavors you love transformed into the perfect summer side dish.
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