Our Readers Share Their 10 Favorite Recipes from Priya Krishna’s “Indian-ish”

updated Oct 31, 2019
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Credit: Ariel Knutson

Priya Krishna’s Indian-ish is Kitchn’s October pick for our Cookbook Club. See how you can participate here.

For our second month of Kitchn’s Cookbook Club, we asked our readers to cook along with us through Priya Krishna’s Indian-ish. Our private Facebook group (follow along!) was overflowing with delicious-looking recipes and fun spices, and our hashtag (#kitchncookbookclub) received a ton of love this month. Now that October is coming to a close (how?) we wanted to wrap up the month and highlight some of the recipes that our readers loved most.

1. Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi is the perfect recipe to make right now, so it makes sense that our readers were all over this recipe in October. The combination of roasted cauliflower and potatoes mixed with a plethora of spices is just about the coziest dinner you can imagine.

2. Malaysian Ramen

You have to respect any recipe that starts with packaged instant ramen! Priya says this recipe is easy to make your own — add more vegetables, throw in an egg, get rid of the peanuts, etc.

3. Aloo Parathas

I was honestly so impressed by the number of people who decided to make Aloo Parathas this month! It’s a relatively simple dish in theory (bread filled with potatoes and spices), but you have to actually make the dough, which is a little more challenging than some of the other recipes in this book! Go team!

4. Garlic and Ginger Chicken

“There is only one chicken recipe in [this cookbook] because this is the only chicken recipe I need,” Priya explains at the beginning of this recipe. BOLD.

5. White Bean-Stuffed Poblanos

I loved seeing people post these white bean-stuffed poblanos in our Facebook group. They always look so stunning and impressive, but apparently aren’t hard to make. As Priya says, this recipe “looks complicated but comes together shockingly [fast].”

6. Indian-ish Baked Potatoes

Next time you want to make a baked potato, skip the bacon bits and go for this Indian-ish recipe with chaat masala, fresh cilantro, and Indian green chiles.

7. Matar Paneer

Priya says that matar paneer is “the definition of a party dish,” which, if you’ve made the dish, you’ll probably agree with. But here’s the thing — once again, this recipe isn’t hard. And because the paneer isn’t deep-fried, it tastes a little bit lighter and fresher than something you might have had in the past.

8. Chickpea Flour Green Beans

Greens for a side dish? Great. Green beans that have a crispy coating, thanks to chickpea flour? Oh hell yeah! This was definitely a popular dish in our Facebook group this month.

9. Saag Feta

This is the recipe you might have seen grace your social media timelines if you follow any cooks in the know. The brightly hued recipe is surprisingly weeknight-friendly. It was my personal favorite recipe that I made this month!

10. Pav Bhaji on Potato Rolls

Priya describes this recipe as essentially a spicy vegetable sloppy Joe. If that doesn’t convince you to make it, I don’t know what will. She also says this recipe is one of the most forgiving in her book. If you mess up any part of the gravy, the lime and onions that you top the dish with will hide your mistakes.

Your turn! What is your favorite recipe from Indian-ish?