The Best Portable Blenders to Take With You Everywhere

published Oct 16, 2023
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two peanut butter banana smoothies
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Micah Morton

While many of us would love to start each day off with a delicious homemade smoothie, it’s tough to carve out the time each day to prep, blend, and pack all of your ingredients. So, to help streamline your morning routines, save some of your hard-earned cash, and give you the ability to make your drinks just the way you like them, we’ve put together a list of the best portable blenders that you can take with you on the go. Not only are they great for smoothies, but they’ll mix up other great concoctions for your meals like dips, dressings, and fresh juices. 

Whether you’re about to go camping or you need a pick-me-up beverage while you’re out and about, a portable blender is a great investment. Read on to see which portable blender is right for you!

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was $21.85

This blender is a no-fuss option and super easy to operate. With just a press of a button, it blends up a concoction of your choosing, and is strong enough to crush up ice and frozen berries. “Personally, I love this little blender because of its relatively tiny footprint compared with other blenders, which saves a lot of space in my cabinets,” Senior Commerce Editor Ian Burke said. You can even whip up a milkshake for a sweet treat or a fun cocktail after a long day!

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Williams Sonoma

Despite its small size, this chic blender has precision blending power and two speed settings. “My least favorite thing about a lot of personal blenders is that they don’t feel as sturdy and durable as a real full-size blender, but this one still has a base that makes it feel more powerful and substantial,” said Managing Commerce Editor Tamara Kraus. It’s also available in seven colors, so it'll match any kitchen aesthetic.

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Ninja brings you a powerful option with this stainless-steel design and an easy-open sip lid. With a USB-C rechargeable battery and a dishwasher-safe design, it was made to make your life easier. The blender can also self-clean — just set it on a 30-second blend cycle with water and a dollop of soap, and voila!

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was $49.95

From protein shakes to blended baby food, this hassle-free blender makes up to 15 drinks per charge, so it’s perfect to take with you for a weekend trip. Available in 10 colors, it also makes a great gift to give out during the holidays.

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Williams Sonoma

This compact blender features a straightforward single-speed operating mechanism, a removable cup and lid, and a cordless design. Plus, it runs for a full 20 minutes on a single charge. Take it camping or on a long day trip for the perfect afternoon refreshment.

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Created by Drew Barrymore, this small yet mighty portable blender will fit in even the tiniest of spaces. With the ability to make 22 drinks in a single charge, you can go through the whole week without worrying about this blender’s battery life. You can also easily fit it in a tote on your commute to work — plus, both the jar and lid are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup!

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was $36.30

Unlike other blenders, this one comes with a free funnel, so you can easily add ingredients and prevent unnecessary spills. Take the bottle on the go, and if you’re finished with smoothie, you can rinse it out and use it as a plain water bottle for the rest of the day.