22 Kitchen Finds That Were so Popular, They Kept Selling Out This Year

updated Dec 6, 2021
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Some things in life truly are certain: Seasons will change, pumpkin spice will rise from the ashes earlier and earlier each year, and the 22 following cooking staples constantly sell out. On one hand, that’s a great sign that these well-loved tools are really worth their cost and hype. On the other hand, it’s kind of frustrating. Never fear, though: We’re here with a list of popular kitchen items that we recommend you add to your cart, from one of our favorite olive oil brands to a collapsible food storage container our editors are obsessed with. Not only are these products great picks for anyone on your list that appreciates quality, but they’re also a surefire way to gain the respect of that friend that’s always up on the latest and greatest gear.

As we get closer to the holiday season, it’s crucial to plan ahead for popular gift items. In other words: If you want to give any of the following pantry staples, cooking tools, or utensils as a present this year, order them now. They may not be in stock for much longer!

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Not all olive oil is created equal. If you haven’t tried the Mini Essentials set from Brightland, you’ll quickly understand why we’re so in love with this stuff. This set is hands-down the best way to try Brightland, because it comes with two of their editor-favorite olive oils (both totally different in flavor) and their highly sought-after vinegars. Gift this to someone who loves to try new flavors and foods.

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Our Place
was $150.00

$145 for a gorgeous pan that does the work of eight different pieces of cookware is an absolute steal. You’ve probably seen The Always Pan from Our Place on social media — or here at the Kitchn. We can’t get enough of it, and neither can customers. Its waitlist has been known to skyrocket to the tens of thousands, so act fast if you’ve got your eye on a particular color.

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Made In

This French-made carbon steel pan looks totally dreamy, but it performs like a champ too. It’s unlike any other pan on the market, dotted with over 60 tiny perforations that allow your range’s flames to come in direct contact with the food… without burning or falling into the fire. This pan is a must for folks without outdoor space, or for those simply looking to grill throughout a long winter. It can also withstand temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit!

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was $85.00

Never used a saucier pan before? Oh boy, we can’t wait to rock your socks with this one. This is the pan for someone who has all of the pans — it’s not quite fry pan, not quite saucepan, and not quite a soup pot. It’s all of the things! And it’s made from 5-ply high-quality stainless steel that’s meant to last. Choose from two sizes (2- or 3-quart). This is one item you really won’t want to sleep on; with a near-perfect customer review rating, it sells out on the reg.

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was $449.99

Is a vacuum a good gift? When it’s this vacuum, it is. The Omniglide is as sleek as they come, and made for hard floors in small spaces. This tiny-but-mighty vac comes with four different attachments, allowing you to get in all those nooks and crannies with precision. We’re big fans of the omnidirectional soft roller, which makes it inarguably the most maneuverable model in Dyson’s line. Whether it’s due to all of these great features or its fun purple hue, this vacuum constantly sells out. Don’t wait to order one for the clean freak in your life.

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Every person on our gift list would be thrilled to receive this innovative bowl from Stojo. It’s made from durable, platinum-cured silicone, which makes it virtually indestructible — and most importantly, food-safe. But here’s the *cool* part: It’s collapsible! When fully open, the bowl holds 4.5 cups. But wash and dry it (it’s dishwasher-safe), and it’ll become a little space-saving disc at just over an inch tall. A few of these in various colors would make a thoughtful gift for new parents, or anyone who does a lot of food prep and make-ahead meals. When this bowl was first launched, it solid out within a week... and soon had a 2,000 person waitlist.

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It’s rare we find a spatula that’s good at multiple jobs. But this lovely-looking number from editor-favorite Material is special. It’s made from soft-edged silicone with juuust the right amount of flexibility. In other words? It can scrape, mix, and flip. It also just so happens to be the most attractive spatula we’ve ever seen. Snap up a few of these for the design nerds in your life — and grab an extra for yourself, too. It’s only a matter of time before they sell out again!

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Omsom is shaking up the meal starter game. Founded by Vanessa and Kim Pham, this woman-run company makes sauces and homemade shortcuts with big, authentic Asian flavors. Their Sampler Trio is a particular fan favorite (we love it, too!), and has sold out multiple times. The meal starter kit contains three shortcuts for a Thai larb, Vietnamese lemongrass BBQ, and Filipino Sisig. Each packet contains all the sauce, spice, and aromatics to make your meal shine — you just need to add the protein and veg.

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Proclamation Goods Co.

This 3-piece set from Proclamation Goods is a true multipurpose kitchen hero. Filling the roles of frying pan, saucepan, soup pot, and more, the kit contains a 7-quart pot, a 12-skillet, and a lid to fit both. Ready for the party trick? Fix the skillet and pot together, and you create a Dutch oven. Seriously. We tried it, and it really works. The stainless steel pot can handle everything from roasting chicken to deep frying, and we think you’re going to fall in love with its partner, the skillet — it’s an investment piece made to last forever.

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Made In

Good sheet pans are hard to find. So if you’ve got a baker on your gift list, they won’t just like Made In’s rimmed sheet pan — they’ll love it. It’s crafted with professional-grade aluminum and was even designed with the help of a professional chef. Suffice it to say that this won’t warp, and can handle crazy-hot ovens (up to 450˚F). The half sheet pan received high marks on our test run, thanks to its thoughtful design touches, like cleanly rolled edges. Order a set of both sizes, the half and quarter pans, and there’s at least one holiday gift sorted!

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This eco-friendly little number from Material is everything we didn’t know we needed in a cutting board. Made from just two sustainable materials — recycled plastic and renewable sugarcane — it’s sturdy and right-sized for all sorts of kitchen tasks. You really can’t go wrong with any of the colors, but choose the creamy beige “To Pó-Po with Love” or the emerald green “Reimagine Justice,” and 50 percent of the proceeds go to charity.

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was $90.00

The movie star-turned-domestic goddess Drew Barrymore designed a very pretty air fryer that’s so popular it routinely sells out. Whether it’s the sleek touch screen, soft matte colors, 6-quart fry basket, or nonstick crisper tray, people can’t get enough of this appliance. Need proof? “It's so easy to use you won't need to read the booklet it comes with,” says one happy customer.

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We are continually impressed with Ratio’s incredibly innovative design for better at-home coffee. The Ratio 8 combines the artisan “craft” of pour-over coffee with the efficiency of drip machines, for a delicious cuppa that’s almost entirely hands-off. (Instead of babysitting your brew, you just have to press the machine’s only button.) While there are a variety of different colors available, some of the most popular finishes routinely sell out. Order ASAP if you want a particular one to be delivered by the holidays.

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Made In

It’s not every day we meet a pan that stops us in our tracks. But the Blue Carbon Steel Skillet from editor-fave Made In hits all the right notes. Think of it as the best qualities of stainless steel (cooking speed and heat control), married with cast iron’s top traits (heat retention and natural nonstick properties). This pan is stovetop-, oven-, and grill-safe. Unlike most pans kicking around in our cabinets, Made In’s carbon steel skillet can handle temperatures of over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s so hard to decide which size is our favorite, but don’t hem and haw too long before you order yours. With a unanimous 5-star rating, we’re definitely not the only ones thinking about a new skillet!

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East Fork

What kind of mug has its own hashtag? #TheMug does. And it deserves it. It’s so pretty — and perfectly sized — that fans practically line up new color releases. Right now, East Fork’s fan favorite is available in some Instagram-ready glazes, including an autumnal hue called Harvest Moon. We can guarantee you’re going to love this mug so much, you won’t want to give it away. Better order a few!

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Nonstick pans don’t get the love they deserve. That’s because most nonstick pans simply don’t deliver. And that is why we’re big cheerleaders for this hardworking staple from Misen. It comes in a variety of sizes — 8, 10, and 12 inches — and is made to last for years. With a titanium-infused plasma primer to protect the pan, it’s virtually scratch-resistant. With stats like that, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be the only nonstick pan you’ll ever use.

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Pineapple Collaborative

It’s wild how much we like this apple cider vinegar, but try it for yourself and you’ll understand. (You’ll also understand why there’s constantly a waitlist.) Each sleek glass bottle is made with a specific blend of hand-harvested apples for the ultimate apple-y flavor. Unlike most grocery store varieties of ACV, this is probiotic, making it perfect for cooking, salad dressings, and shooting back in the name of good gut health. Honestly, we’d happily use this daily (if we could just get our hands on it)!

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Sur La Table
was $75.00

Chefs’ knives may get a lot of attention, but don’t underestimate the power of a quality paring knife. This 4-inch beauty has earned a unanimous 5-star rating from customers and frequently sells out. Each knife is forged from a single piece of carbon steel, making it virtually indestructible and really easy to use. We’d give one of these to someone who’s ready to level up their cooking skills.

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Made In
was $159.00

“Santoku” translates as “three virtues,” meaning this Japanese-style knife can handle veggie prep, fish, and meat with agility. The ultra-thin blade, scalloped edges, and perfect “balance,” make this knife a dream to use, and we’re not the only ones who think so. Says one 5-star reviewer, “It's definitely now my go-to knife for pretty much everything.”

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Great Jones

Great Jones' sheet pans are the stuff of legends (seriously, it's one of the best sheet pans we've ever used), and they recently launched a juicy raspberry hue to accompany the bold blue and rich green already on offer. Like the original, the new raspberry Holy Sheet pans are made of aluminized steel, with steel rods running through the rolled edges to prevent warping and a colorful ceramic coating on the exterior. They're blissfully non-stick, which means you can cut down on the amount of oil you use when roasting veggies and never have to worry about cookies sticking. Also like the original? Their ability to sell out in a flash. Move fast on this one, people!

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Great Jones

Another hitmaker from cookware company Great Jones, this time in collaboration with Cali-based coffee company, Fellow. The two brands teamed up to launch a custom colorway of Fellow's iconic Stagg kettle, coating the smart electric kettle in Great Jones' signature "Broccoli" shade (with a dash of "Mustard" for good measure). Beyond the aesthetic appeal, this kettle is sure to become a go-to gadget for any coffee or tea lover on your gift list.

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Few things get shoppers racing to their keyboards quite like Haand's iconic Diner Mug — and the fact that the piece is constantly in and out of stock only works to sharpen its appeal. If they sell out by the time you click this link (truly, they go that fast), rest easy knowing there will be more soon. In the meantime, you can snag other beauties from the brand, like their short mug and chemist cup.