8 Plant Subscription Services That’ll Bring the Outside Indoors

updated Jun 12, 2020
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There’s only one thing better than plants: LOTS of plants delivered straight to your doorstep! If you want to add more green to your home, a plant subscription service is the perfect way to make it happen. And thanks to the large number of options out there, it’s not hard to find one that fits your needs. Whether you’re a new plant parent with lots of anxiety about growing greens, a pet owner in need of non-toxic plants, or an expert just looking for ways to keep your diverse collection growing, there’s a subscription plan out there for you.

Credit: The Sill

1. The Sill Plant Subscription

Whether you’re a longtime fan of The Sill or just someone ready to take your plant game to the next level, you should check out the company’s monthly plant subscriptions, which give you a new sill-ready plant each month based on your growing skills and home needs. Choose from small or medium plants for beginners, plants for pet owners, or plants for low-light living, then pick your vase color (don’t fret over the decision—you can change it at any time!) and start filling your home with new greens each month. 

Buy: The Sill Plant Subscription, starts at $35/month

2. Plant of the Month Club

Looking for the perfect way to send love to a friend or family member? Treat them to a couple months of expertly arranged and potted plants from 1-800-Flowers. The Plant of the Month Club has options for 3, 6, or 12 months of deliveries, and each plant comes with a decorative planter. Even nicer is that each arrangement is made by a local florist in your recipient’s zip code, so it’s custom-made with plenty of love. 

Buy: Plant of the Month Club, $40/month from 1-800-Flowers

Credit: Cratejoy

3. The Plant Club

If you like being a little more hands on in the planting process, The Plant Club is right up your alley. Each month you get a gift box with a plant, decorative planter, soil, hand-illustrated fact sheet and instructions, name tag, decorative topper, and other cute plant-themed pieces like a magnet and pin. That leaves you the freedom to do the potting while still providing everything you need to give your new plant a prosperous life. 

Buy: The Plant Club, $23/month from Cratejoy

Credit: Leaf & Clay

4. The Plant Mail Club

Succulent lovers, this one’s for you! Sign up for The Plant Mail Club and each month you get three new 2.5” succulents to add to your low-maintenance collection. They’re shipped bare-root—no soil or nursery pots—so you can mix them into your indoor garden however you please. The three-piece collection is expertly curated each month, so you can sign up for several months at a time or just try out one month to start. 

Buy: The Plant Mail Club, $20/month from Leaf & Clay

Credit: Cratejoy

5. House Plant Box

Spice up your windowsill with a plant box featuring all sorts of greens—houseplants, air plants, succulents, herbs, or aquatic plants. You select which type of box you want each month, so if you want houseplants one month and herbs the next, you’ll have to go onto the website and make that change month-to-month. The process is quick and easy and lets you regularly fill your home with a diverse range of plant products, all grown in a California greenhouse. 

Buy: House Plant Box, $11/month from Cratejoy

6. Succulents Box Subscription

When you can’t go to sunny California, bring those good vibes to you with this cute succulent subscription box! It’s a super budget-friendly option, starting at just $5 per month for 1 air plant. Other options include 1 air plant and 1 succulent, or your choice between 1-4 succulents per box. If you want to pay a little extra, you can also choose to have your new plants arrive in a clay pot, saving you all the work.

Buy: Succulents Box Subscription, starts at $5/month

Credit: Click & Grow

7. Click & Grow Subscription

Don’t let a busy lifestyle or a not-so-green thumb stop you from filling your home with plants! The Smart Garden automates just about everything—water, light, nutrients—to ensure your seeds grow into a lush garden of herbs, fruits, and veggies year-round. The subscription requires a one-time payment for the Smart Garden plus monthly payments for plant pods. Choose from dozens of pods ranging from bright lily plants to chili peppers to wild strawberries and so much more. 

Buy: Click & Grow Subscription, starts at $18/month

Credit: Horti

8. Horti Subscription

Ready to put your plant anxieties at ease? That’s the whole mission of this plant subscription. You start off receiving hard-to-kill plants, but each month as your plant parent confidence grows, you’ll get more exotic plants. Choose the clay pot and saucer design you want, then start growing your plants—and your own confidence—in style! Take note: There’s a subscription for the NYC area and another for everywhere else.

Buy: Horti Subscription, starts at $24 for NYC & $25 for everywhere else

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