11 Best Places to Shop for Machine-Washable Rugs That Will Stand Up to Spills and Stains

updated Apr 19, 2021
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It’s not hard to understand the appeal of machine-washable rugs. Rather than panicking when you knock over your glass of wine, accidentally drop bright red pasta sauce, or your furry friend has an accident, you can simply throw the rug in your washing machine on the cold setting and go back to enjoying your life. So, the case for buying a washable rug is obvious, but what’s not so obvious is where to buy one. With more and more retailers selling them every day, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options. If you want to know who’s who in the world of washable rugs, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up 11 of our favorite sources for machine-washable rugs, complete with examples of their best offerings and handy tips to help you get the most out of your shopping experience.

You can’t talk about washable rugs without mentioning Ruggable. What makes these OG machine-washable rugs so special? Each rug is made up of two parts that gently velcro together: a lightweight, stain-resistant cover that’s not too bulky to toss in the washer, and a slip-resistant pad to add that plush, cushy feel. The patented two-part system really does the trick; when we reviewed a Ruggable rug, the cover was not only easy to machine wash (as promised) but it also proved to be practically stain proof. Ruggable’s vast selection of interchangeable rug covers means you’ll never have to settle for something blah or cheap looking. Take this colorful gem, for example. Inspired by the iconic work of Bauhaus artist Josef Albers, it’s absolutely bursting with whimsical retro charm. 

Rugs USA is one of our favorite sources for affordable rugs, so we were thrilled when they launched a collection of washable rugs earlier this year. Both machine washable and stain resistant, their one-piece design features an integrated non-slip backing, so you don’t need to buy a separate rug pad (although you definitely still can if you’d prefer a plusher feel). With its saturated rust, peach, and indigo palette, this medallion rug is a total stunner — but the collection includes a wide variety of styles, so if this one isn’t for you, another definitely will be.

We’ve been fans of Boutique Rugs for a while now; their rugs are not only super affordable but also tend to nail that one-of-a-kind vintage look. They just started offering machine-washable rugs earlier this year, and the selection certainly doesn’t disappoint — especially for fans of the boho aesthetic. This sun-washed beauty is the perfect representative of what you can find at Boutique Rugs. With its faded colors and slightly imperfect design, it looks far more authentic than many faux vintage rugs; nobody will guess that it’s actually machine washable. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: If you want a great deal on gorgeous high-end pieces with lots of personality, look no further than the kids section! Case in point? Pottery Barn Kids’ selection of machine-washable rugs. There are so many great finds that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but if you want a solid rug with lots of textural interest, this tufted gem definitely stands out. Oh, and while you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to check out PB Teen’s selection, too. It’s full of sophisticated washable rugs that seem far more expensive than they actually are, like this smaller Persian rug that looks like a family heirloom.  

West Elm certainly knows what they’re doing when it comes to rugs; it seems like every one of their offerings is more gorgeous than the last. While their selection doesn’t necessarily include many kid- and pet-friendly options, the brand does carry some covetable machine-washable rugs from the stylish Swedish brand Pappelina. Hand-woven from water- and shed-resistant PVC yarns, the rugs are not only machine washable and absolutely gorgeous but also durable enough to use anywhere, including outdoors. This texture-rich, reversible area rug feels timeless and worthy of the investment, but this playful runner is pretty irresistible, too. 

While Bed Bath & Beyond has a great selection of washable rugs, searching or filtering for machine-washable area rugs on their site doesn’t always provide accurate results, so you’ll still have to read the fine print to make sure your pick is actually washable. That said, if going through everything sounds like too much of a hassle, be sure to at least check out Lorena Canals’ washable rugs. You’ll find a treasure trove of handcrafted pieces you’d never guess were machine washable, like this hand-knotted cotton rug with a vibrant textured design. 

Amazon has a killer selection of, well, everything, so it’s really no surprise that the mega-etailer is a great source for washable rugs. Their vast selection includes so many great finds, including several of Lorena Canals’ Woolables, the first machine-washable, 100 percent wool rugs. But, unsurprisingly, Amazon shines brightest when you’re looking for a major bargain; after all, where else could you find a luxuriously plush, extravagant, machine-washable faux fur area rug for less than $100?

Overstock is another big-box retailer with an awesome selection of machine-washable rugs — and not-so-great accuracy when you’re trying to search or filter for them. Still, as long as you’re willing to double-check the product details to make sure the rug you’re interested in is actually machine washable, Overstock is a great place to score a bargain on a truly gorgeous washable rug, like this sustainably produced geometric beauty, for example.

Walmart, too, offers lots of gorgeous washable rugs, but again, you’ll have to be careful to differentiate the actual machine-washable rugs from the stragglers. (Honestly, this seems to be the case with most big-box retailers, including The Home Depot and Wayfair.) Luckily, Walmart’s selection isn’t vast enough to be overwhelming, and once you get started, finds like this multi-colored retro stunner will make it easy to stay motivated. 

No matter what you’re looking to buy for your home, Wayfair most likely offers roughly a million different options. Washable rugs are no exception to this rule — the online retailer’s selection is massive, so regardless of your style and budget, you’ll have no problem finding lots of options to love. This chevron area rug is a standout pick from their current offerings; the bold print isn’t exactly understated, but the design has timeless appeal.

Browsing Home Depot’s selection of washable rugs, you’ll probably spot options you’ve already seen on other sites. Big-box retailers like Overstock, Amazon, and Walmart tend to source furniture and home goods from the same brands; the main reason to shop around is to see which styles are currently available and where you can snag the best deal. As you’re hopping from site to site, keep an eye out for names like Well Woven, MyLife, Rea Life, and My Magic Carpet. By no means are these the only brands that sell legit washable rugs through major retailers, but if you’re in a hurry, focusing on these names might help you avoid wasting time on duds. Case in point: This vintage beauty from Well Woven is not only machine washable, it’s also stain resistant and antimicrobial. 

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