The Best Places to Buy Used Small Kitchen Appliances — And What to Know Before You Do

published Feb 28, 2023
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Unless you go really high-end, the cost of a single small kitchen appliance is relatively manageable. But if you need to buy several, you can easily find yourself out of a significant chunk of change. One way to outfit your kitchen and stay on a budget is to buy some of these kitchen helpers used — and there are many places and ways to find pre-owned, sometimes next-to-new gadgets at reduced prices. In addition to saving you some money, shopping used can also reduce waste and keep those items out of landfills. 

Ready to save a few dollars and help save the planet? Here are some top tips for buying used small kitchen appliances, plus where to find them. 

Make sure it works.

Before you buy your used appliance, plug it in. 

Make sure it’s complete.

You might not be able to tell if some special accessory is missing, but take a moment to assess if a major part is missing. You can also do a Google search for a product and model manual, which should identify all parts originally included with the appliance. 

Do a safety check.

It never hurts to make sure there weren’t any recalls or safety issues with the appliance. 

Don’t lower your standards.

Secondhand does not have to mean gross. If something needs a quick wipedown, fine, but pass on anything that requires major rehab. 

Make an offer.

If you think someone is asking too much, don’t be shy about negotiating. This can be especially effective if someone is moving and is looking to liquidate stuff. 

Be safe.

If you are buying something listed in an online marketplace, use common sense when arranging to pick up your item, bring a friend with you, or let someone know before you go. 

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for small used appliances, here’s where to start your search.

Facebook Marketplace

You’ll find anything and everything here. Filter by category, distance, etc. 


Search estate sales and liquidations near you and bid online. Search for specific items or browse categories. Most auctions require in-person pickup at a specific place and time, but some will ship items to you. 

Buy Nothing/Freecycle

Find these groups, dedicated to sharing resources and preventing waste, on Facebook or as neighborhood listservs. 

Estate Sales

Similar to the sales you’ll find on AuctionNinja, estate sales can be good places to find small appliances in good shape. (If an appliance is still in the house, it’s probably still working.) Find local estate sales near you at For maximum bargaining power, go on the final day of a sale, when prices can be reduced as much as 50%. 

Garage Sales

Garage sales provide another great opportunity to bargain as you take things off people’s hands, and can be prime spots for finding brand-new or next-to-new items (think: Someone got two coffee grinders for their wedding, a person was gifted an Instant Pot but never uses it, etc.)

Community Fundraising Sales 

We’re thinking of the mega church sale that happens every year, the big sale benefitting  children’s hospital, etc. These are frequently not only packed with merchandise, but they are also often extremely well-run, with merchandise categorized, priced, and checked to be in working order. 

Thrift Stores

It never hurts to see what’s at your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, Saver’s, Value Village, etc. — and be sure to check for any discounts on certain days.