Our 10 Favorite Places to Buy Spices in 2022

updated Dec 22, 2022
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If there’s one part of your kitchen that you should put a little more thought into, it’s your spice cabinet. And we don’t mean the storage and organization systems you’ve employed, but rather the spice themselves.

Spices bring the flavor and serve as the foundation to any great meal, so why not put as much thought into where you buy them as you do with other ingredients? With that in mind, I asked fellow Kitchn editors for their favorite places to buy spices right now, and walked away with a whole suite of new options to support. Hopefully you will too.

Here are the best places to buy spices in 2022.

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1. Diaspora Co.

“There are a million reasons why I love Diaspora Co. It’s built on fair, equitable, and sustainable business and farming practices — and on top of that, its spices are so much fresher and more flavorful than anything else I’ve ever had. Using Diaspora Co. spices has changed my cooking routine and I can’t praise the company enough.” Jesse Szewczyk, Former Studio Food Editor

Credit: Thrive Market

2. Thrive Market

“Recently, I’ve been adding spices to my Thrive Market order and I’ve been so impressed with the quality. I love that the spices come in a small bag that makes refilling my spice jars easy (with a little less waste than buying new jarred spices). I also love that they’re delivered straight to my door along with other pantry staples.” Meghan Splawn, Contributor and Former Food Editor

Credit: Spicewalla

3. Spicewalla

“I’ve never been disappointed by the quality or the assortment over at Spicewalla. I love that the brightly colored tins make it easy for me to find what I’m hunting for, and I like that the tins are small. See, I don’t have air conditioning, which means bigger jars of spices often get clumpy during the summer. These tins help with that and I can use up everything before any of it goes bad.” — Lisa Freedman, Former Executive Lifestyle Director

Credit: Burlap and Barrel

4. Burlap and Barrel

“We’ve all had spices in our cupboard that, well, never really smelled or tasted like anything to start with. Which is why I love Burlap & Barrel’s spices so much. The cinnamon is cinnamon-y! The cumin is cumin-y! All the spices are single origin and sourced directly from small farms, and it shows in the flavor.” Carey Polis, Former Interim Executive Editor

Credit: Walmart

5. Walmart

“I usually make a weekly trip to Patel Brothers for all my spices, lentils, and Indian veggies, but during the pandemic, I discovered that Walmart actually stocks a ton of Indian spices. The spices are a little bit pricey compared to Patel Brothers or other Indian grocery stores, but they’re always neatly packaged and conveniently delivered to my doorstep.” Sholeen Damarwala, Former Commerce Editor

Shop: Walmart

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6. Costco

“Hear me out! Costco gets a bad rap for its spice selection — with good reason! Ground spices can lose their potency over time, which is why it’s not cost-effective to buy them in bulk. That being said, Costco is one of my favorite places to buy whole spices like peppercorn and cumin. Whole spices have a longer shelf life, so there’s not as much of a rush to use them. And the price is always right at Costco.” Nicole Rufus, Associate Food Editor

More info: Costco

Credit: Savory Spice Shop

7. Savory Spice Shop

“I fell for this shop when I was living in North Carolina and there was one down the block from me. Everything is super fresh and well-sourced, and I love that you can buy small 1/2-cup pouches to ensure that your spice drawer is always fresh (although it has large 2-cup bags, too!) Plus, the rewards program is so fun — you get free spices on your birthday and $10 coupons.” Sheela Prakash, Senior Contributing Food Editor

Credit: Sahadi's

8. Sahadi’s

“I’m lucky enough to live in walking distance of Sahadi’s, an iconic Middle Eastern grocery store in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to its incredible variety of individual spices, it also have really fun seasoning blends. I’m a big fan of the falafel seasoning (it’s the secret to my favorite tofu dish) and the za’atar. Don’t worry — it sells everything online, too!” Grace Elkus, Former Deputy Food Director

Credit: Penzeys

9. Penzeys

“Wisconsin-based Penzeys Spices is admirable for far more than its expansive spice portfolio. The company’s CEO, Bill Penzey, isn’t afraid to use his platform to voice his strong political beliefs on issues impacting our country’s most vulnerable. It makes me feel like I’m spending my dollars at a company with a conscience. Not to mention, the spices are super high-quality.” Lauren Masur, Former Groceries Editor

Shop: Penzeys

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10. Kalustyan’s

“I first set foot in this legendary New York City shop back when I was an intern on a wild goose chase for dried orange peels for a photo shoot. (I found them, by the way.) Immediately mesmerized by the endless aisles of fragrant spices and specialty ingredients, I vowed to shop here whenever I needed recipe inspiration. The good thing is, you don’t need to be an NYC local to shop here either — you can browse a whole selection of products on its website.” — Lauren Masur, Former Groceries Editor

Where do you like to buy your spices? Let us know in the comments below!