12 Next-Level Picnic Bags That Have Everything from Built-in Speakers to Cutting Boards

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When I’m shopping, I’m pretty picky about how things look. I love the way my chic French press coffee maker elevates my morning coffee time to feel more special, and I know I’ll be keeping my new Always Pan for a long time, because I’d have a hard time finding any other piece of cookware that’s as stylish. However, the one area where I’ve embraced function over form is picnic bags.

My current picnic bag is a simple insulated tote I got at a grocery store a few years ago, and although I’m not a big fan of how it looks, I’m excited every time I get to take it out and go picnicking. Having a bag that regulates your food’s temperature and gives you helpful storage compartments for beverages and accessories is essential to having a great picnic — much more so than any aesthetic aspects. However, many picnic bag brands offer the best of both worlds: effective and attractive. To get you set up for summer outdoor eating, check out these next-level picnic bags and baskets that are also easy on the eyes. They’ve got tons of great features that come in handy for storing, serving, and enjoying food with friends and family.

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Sometimes you want to go all out on a picnic, and this all-inclusive wicker picnic basket set lets you do that without going over budget. Because all the plates and utensils snap into place on the underside of the lid, the inside compartment has room for glasses (which are also included) and a picnic blanket that matches the blue gingham lining inside the basket. This is a great deal on a classic picnic setup.

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It's nice when your picnic bag includes accessories, and this picnic backpack is loaded with them. The external pocket holds a complete set of dinnerware — plates, glasses, forks, knives, spoons, and napkins, all of which are included — and on the side are straps to carry a waterproof blanket (that's also included). The main compartment is also insulated, so this one bag really gives you everything you need to make sure your picnic goes off without a hitch.

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Insulated bags don't usually look this nice, so this rattan zippered bag is a surprising find. It's very simple — just a main storage pocket that can hold a sizable amount of food and drinks — because picnics don't always need to be complicated. At this price, you'll be hard-pressed to find another insulated bag with this much storage space that doesn't look like a child's lunch bag.

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Take this insulated bag with built-in Bluetooth speakers to the beach to get the party started, or bring it with you on a picnic to have some quiet music playing as you sip a nice summery wine. The speaker is water-resistant and has a rechargeable battery that also acts as a portable charging station for your phone. It can play music for up to eight hours on a full charge, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy your temperature-controlled snacks.

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Incredibly stylish and super simple, this rattan bag is helpful for carrying all your non-perishables and any extra things — paper towels, plates, chips, playing cards, etc. — that will make your picnic more enjoyable. The best part of this bag, aside from its classic design, is that it folds completely flat when empty, so if you don't need to carry so much stuff on your way back home, you can tuck this bag away.

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It's always smart to have extra insulated bags in case you end up wanting to bring more food than you initially expected to. This set of simple insulated bags is budget-friendly and is a great way to keep additional drinks or snacks cool. You can also fill one of these with ice cubes and bring it along so you'll always have something to chill your beverages.

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For a more ergonomic way to transport your picnic supplies, get this roll-top backpack that has a waterproof, insulated lining to keep drinks, fruit, and dips cool (even if you have a long walk to and from your picnicking spot). Two side pockets help hold water bottles and a set of handles on top let you carry it like a bag if you prefer.

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Want something compact and durable that has all the basics? Grab this insulated bag and you'll be ready to picnic at a moment's notice. The interior has a central divider so you can organize your food and drinks without worrying about anything tipping over, and pockets on the outside hold a cutting board, knife, and corkscrew. It has additional side pockets to hold napkins and utensils, and the shoulder strap is generously padded to make everything comfortable to carry.

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With this insulated picnic bag, you get all the basics in one compact and easy-to-clean tote. Internal dividers create space for beverages to remain upright while leaving room for other foods that need to be kept chilled. Meanwhile, pockets on the front hold a tiny wooden cutting board, corkscrew, and paring knife so you'll be ready to easily cut up your favorite meat and cheese snacks to pair with a glass of white, rosé, or sparkling.

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Gear up for an all-day picnic with this spacious canvas tote bag that has two pockets for wine bottles (with snap button clasps to keep them from rattling around) and a large central pocket to hold all your food. This bag includes a mini wooden cutting board, knife, and corkscrew so you have everything needed to slice up and serve your food.

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YETI is one of the most-trusted names in coolers and insulated tumblers, and that reputation extends to this heavy-duty picnic bag. Two handle styles let you carry it over the shoulder or by hand, and waterproof covering inside and out makes it super easy to clean in case you encounter any food spills. It also has pockets and dividers inside that make sure your snacks and picnic accessories stay organized.

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Our editors are big fans of Corkcicle's insulated drinking tumblers, so this insulated backpack caught our eyes because it's similarly stylish and versatile. This works best as a mini cooler and can hold a good amount of drinks along with enough ice to keep them cold — up to two full bottles of wine and eight canned drinks at the same time. The straps are padded so it's comfortable to wear and frees up your hands for carrying other gear. Plus, it comes in your choice of seven fun colors.