Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed with This Special Broom Meant for Pet Hair

updated Oct 17, 2019
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Credit: Rob and Julia Campbell/Stocksy

As someone who did not grow up with any pets other than a few goldfish (thanks, Mom and Dad!), I can’t fully fathom the joy and satisfaction that might come with finding an extremely effective pet hair-removal gadget. But after dog-sitting an extremely floofy pup for a week recently, I think I have a slightly better idea of the magnitude. And I know that a lot of you struggle with pet hair in the kitchen.

After browsing Amazon out of sheer curiosity, I came across the Evriholder Furemover Pet Hair Removal Broom, which is the bestselling solution for pet hair on all of Amazon. The broom has a natural rubber head which gathers pet hair, and is soft enough so it won’t scratch hardwood or tile floors. It doesn’t just work on pet hair, either — it has a built-in squeegee edge which is great for mopping up spills.

Credit: Amazon

The Furemover has almost 6,500 glowing customer reviews, all raving about the gadget’s efficacy in sweeping up pesky pet hair from all types of surfaces — hardwood and rugs alike. Fans even attest that this broom is more efficient than vacuums made specifically for pet hair because of its uncanny ability to loosen embedded strands with short, quick strokes. And again, this broom also doubles as an all-purpose rubber squeegee, which not only works on spills but also on windows, shower doors, and windshields.

I’ll let you hear it from happy customers too.

“This broom is awesome! I have two large-breed dogs (that shed like crazy) and hard wood floors that have to be swept daily. The best part … You don’t have to clean the bristles like a regular broom. I just rinse the broom when I’m done and any dirt that was on the bristles get washed away.”

“I just got this amazing broom in today. I was excited to see if it was the answer to my dog/cat hair nightmare — and it is! I have two dogs and three cats and normally would have to sweep my ceramic and hardwood floors at least three times before I felt they were close enough to being clean. But this magical broom did it all in one try. Best Amazon purchase I have ever made.”

“I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before now. I tested this broom out on a high traffic area of my house that I had just vacuumed with a Dyson Animal vacuum, and the results were pretty astounding. While the vacuum picks up course hair, fluff balls, and other particles, this broom picked up all the really fine fur that just embeds itself into the carpet … I even used this broom to wash my car and house windows. When you get it dirty, just run warm soapy water over it and voila.”

Geeze, I don’t even have a pet and now I 100 percent need one of these. What about you — are you sold on the Furemover?