12 of the Best Pet Bowls for Your Furry Friend’s Next Meal Time

published Aug 31, 2023
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puppy eating food out of bowl
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Whether you’re shopping for your frisky feline, your perfect pooch, or another one of your home’s furry friends, finding the best pet bowl can be a bit daunting. Some pet parents like to keep things simple, opting for classic ceramic or stainless steel options when it comes to feeding their pets. Others prefer modern takes that encourage positive behaviors like slow feeding by turning meal time into an activity with interactive bowls. No matter which side of the fence you fall on, every pet deserves a pet bowl that’s perfectly sized, easy to keep clean, and made to last. Below, we rounded up 12 of the best pet bowls, including non-slip, ergonomic, and automatic finds that’ll help you create the ultimate feeding station for your pet. Best of all, many of these picks are staff favorites, making them pet-parent-approved, too.

Do you have a pet bowl you swear by? We want to hear all about it. Tell us about your favorite pet finds in the comments below. 

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When you think of a classic pet dish, one like the SPOT Stoneware Crock Pet Dish is bound to be the first thing to come to mind. Available in five sizes, this ceramic pet bowl features a heavyweight, dishwasher-safe design so it won’t go skidding across the floor and makes for easy cleaning.

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The brand behind your favorite water bowl may just be behind your next favorite pet purchase. A favorite among many pet parents, the Boomer 4 Dog Bowl is a resilient find you and your pet will love. Made with double-wall non-insulated stainless steel, this bowl (available in two sizes) is also non-slip, dishwasher-safe, and rust-resistant. What’s not to love?

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If you’re looking for a cat food bowl that’s inexpensive, easy to clean, and promotes a healthy eating posture, you’re going to love the Kitty City Raised Cat Food Bowl. Coming in two color options, its modern pedestal design is not only stylish, it's also better for your cat. It’s also ergonomic thanks to the whisker-friendly oval design.

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If your pet’s anything like mine, they house their food. To help them slow their roll, pick up the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl. Culinary Producer Rachel loves this pick for her pet sharing, “My dog uses this one so he doesn't eat too quickly and we love it!” Best of all, it comes in a host of fun designs, colors, and sizes!

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Wild One
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As for my pooch, he loves the Wild One bowl. This bowl is made of sturdy, food-grade stainless steel that's dishwasher-safe and features a nonslip silicone base to keep food and water from moving around — a must for pets who love to excitedly rush to their bowls!

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Another great slow feeding find, the ZippyPaws Happy Bowl Slow Feeder is a favorite of Senior Graphic Designer Lindsay who shares, “I swear by these slow feeders, because if I don't use one my dog literally inhales her food and then throws up a pile of UNCHEWED kibble.” We also love that it comes in a bunch of cute shapes and colors.

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You may know WeatherTech for its high-quality floor mats, but the brand is also home to some of the best pet bowls around. A favorite of our Director of Brand Partnerships Maggie, the Double High Pet Feeding System offers elevated eating and drinking, and comes in a whopping eight heights so you can find the perfect one for your pet.

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If there’s one find Executive Lifestyle Director Charli swears by, it’s the Fluff Trough Elevated Dog Bowl. “My dogs love the Fluff Trough's elevated bowls so much we have to bring them with us when we travel,” she shared. “They're designed to help them with digestion/gags because they can eat upright instead of bent over. We saw an immediate difference (AKA no big belches) when we started using them. They even have an insert for fast eaters to help them slow down, which we used when puppy training.”

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A favorite of Managing Commerce Editor Tamara, the Petlibro Granary Automatic Two-Cat Feeder is a great find for homes with multiple felines. This high-tech find lets you control feeding through the PETLIBRO LITE app, gradually dispensing food for fresh, never stale bites. Plus, with the included camera, you can always keep an eye on your cats — even in the dark (thank you, night vision!)

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For a fun dog bowl alternative, check out this enrichment set from babaZone. Creative Studio Senior Writer Courtney’s pooch adores this set and its included snuffle mat sharing, “He loves to eat out of his snuffle mat. It satisfies their urge to dig and sniff!” Top that off with a lick mat, dental chew toy, and an interactive treat dispenser and you’ll be making meal time into playtime!

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For feeding (and drinking!) on the go, pick up a Bonza Collapsible Dog Bowl. They come in four sizes (medium, large, large slow-feeding, and extra-large), feature a convenient clip, and are made of durable, easy-to-clean silicone. Plus, with a collapsible design, they are uber easy to travel with.

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Okay, so this last one isn’t a pet bowl per se, but every pet parent can agree that having a good water source for their pets is just as important. Providing clean filtered water with ease, the PetSafe Drinkwell Water Fountain comes in three sizes (1/2 gallon, 1 gallon, and 2 gallon) so you can find the perfect size for your needs as well as an adjustable flow control that lets you choose how fast the water flows so even the most skittish pets will love this find.