The Personalized Gift That’s Going to Make My Mom Cry Tears of Joy This Holiday Season

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This  has been a memorable year, to say the least, but one thing I’ll cherish about 2020 is that I inherited my grandmother’s recipe box packed with the original copies of family recipes I’ve been devouring all my life. And while they’re certainly not gourmet, often made partially from boxed or canned goods, they made my childhood unique. As I find myself getting increasingly sentimental lately, missing the family gatherings with that lime Jell-O “salad,” I have been looking for ways to honor these recipes. And after browsing through Uncommon Goods’ Gift Guides, I found the perfect gift for my mom this season: the Personalized Family Recipe Board. Just like me, she’s been feeling awfully nostalgic and particularly misses her mom, so what better way to honor our matriarch than to have her own words permanently etched into a useful cutting board?

To get started making my personalized board, I simply had to follow the guidelines, scan and upload my grandma’s recipe (I picked her famous Pistachio Pudding Bars), and place my order. The recipe was then directly carved into a gorgeous cherry wood cutting board that will soon be delivered to my mom’s doorstep. While it will make a beautiful kitchen display, I love that it can actually be put to use. (Trust me, my mother does not need another tchotchke in the house!)

The 9-by-13-inch surface area is just the right size for her to dice pistachios for the bars, or even onions for grandma’s chop suey, and then store away if she needs the space. As it dries from a simple hand wash, she can even prop it on the windowsill to admire the detailing. Regardless of the type of celebration we have this year, my grandma will be with us, etched in our hearts as beautifully as her words are on this board. I know my mom will cherish it for years to come.

The more I think about it, it’s a great gift for not just my mom, but for so many people in my life. What a perfect way to thank my best friend for that epic turkey meatball recipe or to commemorate 2020’s banana bread trend for my favorite baker! Just keep in mind that since it’s made to order, the board will take about two weeks to produce. Factoring in shipping time, I’m hopping on this idea now to make sure it arrives in time for the holidays.