Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed with This $25 Paper Towel Holder

published Sep 18, 2019
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You know those paper towel commercials where the kid spills juice all over the immaculate carrara marble island and the parent springs into action like they’re in The Matrix, swiping a single sheet of paper towel and mopping up the mess in one fell swoop? With one hand, no less!

Well, whenever I make a mess in the kitchen, it never quite plays out the same way. Instead, in a hurry, I yank on the paper towel roll, accidentally unfurling the entire thing, while whatever I spilled oozes onto the floor. Something tells me, though, that if I had this paper towel holder, the bestselling paper towel holder on Amazon, I might feel like a superhero the next time I have to clean up a big kitchen spill.

Credit: Amazon

The OXO Good Grips SimpyTear Standing Paper Towel Holder was “designed for a true, one-handed tear, every single time.” Beloved by Amazon shoppers because it tears but doesn’t topple, this beauty has a spring-loaded arm that grips the side of the roll as it shrinks. The bottom is weighted, so when you sharply tear off a sheet, the holder stays put.

Buy: OXO Good Grips SimpyTear Standing Paper Towel Holder, $25

This gadget is engineered to help you use fewer paper towels, by making it easier to choose how many sheets you tear off at a time — even if you’re in a hurry. Because I’m always looking for ways to reduce my paper goods usage in the kitchen, this is a mission I can get behind. And Amazon shoppers love this thing.

Let’s take a look to see what Amazon customers have to say about it.

“I was looking for a true one-hand operation standing paper towel holder with certain specs: Good looking, stainless steel, one-hand operation, large enough to fit a Costco size roll, tension bar, and weighted, non-slip base. This product covers all the specs I was looking for… “

“This is perfect in every way. I have a kitchen island, so I need this style of holder. It has good weight, balance and grip on the counter. It’s very easy to pull and tear off with one hand as many or few towels as you want and extremely easy to change rolls. The only thing about this that’s not obvious is that it needs to be picked up by top knob. What looks like a handle on the side is the spring mechanism that holds the end towel in place and acts as a stop for tearing off towels. It’s the key that makes this so good.”

“Excellent Holder! Even holds the extra large Costco paper towels. Works one handed as advertised. At work, I was using an inexpensive holder, and a full Costco roll wouldn’t fit! This is perfect! Works great, and it works better than the expensive ratchet paper towel holder we keep around the house for cleaning; this really is a one handed operation.”

How do you store your paper towels?