This $7 Oven Thermometer Has More than 3,700 Five-Star Reviews on Amazon

published Sep 15, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Fact: Ovens are big little liars! Even brand new ones. Your recently installed oven might tell you that it’s preheated to 350 degrees, but it could actually be at, say, 325! Or your old apartment oven could be way hotter in the back left than it is in the front right (if you’ve ever pulled out a sheet of cookies to find some burnt and some undercooked, you know what we’re talking about). Between hot spots, poor calibration, and even temperature cycles during a baking session (your oven doesn’t stay at a set temperature for the entire time you’re baking), there are a few good reasons to get yourself an oven thermometer.

Which one should you get, though? If you go by the shoppers — and very vocal reviewers — on Amazon, the answer is this $7 option from Rubbermaid. It’s NSF certified (National Sanitation Foundation), reads between 60 and 580 degrees Fahrenheit, and is incredibly accurate. (There’s also a version for refrigerators and freezers!) Not only is it often the bestselling oven thermometer on all of Amazon, but it’s also exceptionally well-reviewed, with more than 3,700 five-star ratings. Let’s take a look at some of the comments.

Note: Reviews have been edited for clarity and length.

“I bought this after persistent frustration with my oven. I live in a rental apartment and my oven is pretty crappy. I was suspicious that it wasn’t as hot as it claimed to be when I preheated it. This isn’t such a big deal if you’re just throwing a frozen pizza in the oven for twenty minutes, but I like to cook and bake break. I felt like my oven has been cheating on me. I needed to catch it in the act, so I bought this thermometer. The findings: My oven really does suck! When it beeps for 350 degrees, the thermometer reads 300 degrees. Goodbye, delicious chicken parmigiana; hello salmonella! Goodbye, carefully scheduled 7:30pm dinner; hello, 8:15pm apologies and wine on an empty stomach!”

“The reason we bought this was because I grew suspicious about the temp on our oven. We moved recently, and the oven was really new and expensive-looking so we didn’t want to replace it. But it just wouldn’t cook stuff — a key task for an oven — at least not in the time we thought it would. So we bought this, threw it in and pre-heated. The thermometer said the oven was 20 degrees off! Who lived in this house before? Savages. I downloaded the PDF manual for the oven, fiddled with the settings, and ran the pre-heat test again. The thermometer and oven were in sync. Everyone should have one — test your oven, even if you think it’s okay, and check it again every few months. Ovens can drift, and it’s better to be safe than ruin your meals. Recommended.”

“For $7 this Rubbermaid thermometer meets my expectations. It is a simple gadget that sits on or hangs from an oven rack and allows you to view the temperature through the window of the oven door. I always suspected my oven ran a little cold, and this thermometer helped me understand that my oven runs about 20 degrees colder than the set temperature. My oven set to 370 degrees shows exactly 350 on this thermometer after about 20 minutes. This thing helped me learn to increase the amount of time for pre-heating.”