The Best Oven-Cleaning Tips and Tricks We Learned in 2022

published Dec 26, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

Cleaning the oven is so easy to put off because you can close the door on the mess and forget it’s even there. But that’s part of what makes oven messes so awful — you neglect the task and it gets harder to tackle. To get your oven clean and keep it that way, pack these tips away in your oven-cleaning arsenal. 

1. Try the oven cleaner that smells like a spa.

Made from plant-based ingredients like coconut and citric acid, Everneat oven cleaner smells really good and actually works. Could oven-cleaning be a pleasant experience? Maybe more than you expect! The cleaner can be purchased on Etsy and it comes with a metallic scrubbing sponge. 

Credit: Joe Lingeman

2. But don’t forget about tried-and-true cleaners like Easy Off, Dawn, and your trusty Magic Erase.

Those tried-and-true cleaners are tried and true for a reason: They work! For heavy-duty stuff, use Easy Off. Dawn is the gold-standard for degreasing. And for spot cleaning your oven’s interiors, it’s the Magic Eraser for the win. 

Credit: the kitchn

3. A pumice stone works magic and doesn’t leave a big mess behind.

This porous lava rock isn’t just for making your feet feel soft. It’s also super tough on your most challenging oven messes. To use it, just grab a bowl, dip your pumice stone in, and use it like an eraser. It feels like magic and, unlike many other oven-cleaning methods, there’s no big mess to clean up. 

4. Scrub Daddy PowerPaste melts away burnt-on oven gunk.

You know that residue that’s been on the bottom of your oven for months, getting burnt-on more with every use of your unit? Well, it’s no match for Scrub Daddy PowerPaste, which eats through it with hardly any scrubbing.

Credit: Laura Denby

5. A pair of old toothbrushes will help you clean those grimy oven racks.

With a couple of toothbrushes fastened together,  you can actually clean all around every wire of your oven rack. Yes, it sounds tedious, but doesn’t a clean oven rack — for once — feel worth it?