7 Things Ridiculously Organized People Have in Their Kitchens

updated Apr 30, 2019
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I will never tire of looking at obscenely organized kitchens on Instagram. I spend way too much time scrolling, and while it’s not exactly the best use of my afternoons, it has lead me to one major takeaway. The thing that all of these super-neat kitchens have in common? Clever storage solutions and problem-solving organizers.

Here are the common-denominator space-savers in the kitchens that I’ve been drooling over.

(Image credit: Taryn Williford)

1. Lazy Susans

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Lazy Susans should be called Hardworking Susans. When I polled professional organizers for their must-have organizing products in the kitchen, nearly all of them suggested this swirly, twirly gadget that helps you access things in hard-to-reach places without having to take everything out and put it back in again. Try this Copco Non-Skid Lazy Susan, for starters. It comes highly recommended.

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2. Plastic bag organizers

Even if you make a habit out of bringing your own reusable bags when you go grocery shopping, I’m guessing you’ve still managed to accumulate a decent collection of plastic bags. So you probably know that they can create a clutter-nightmare if you don’t have anywhere to properly store them. Try this sleek simplehuman Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser, which mounts on the inside of a cabinet door and holds at least 30 bags.

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3. Adjustable under-the-sink organizers

Raise your hand if the cabinet under your kitchen sink is filled with a mess of cleaning products and who knows what else. I thought so. Give the space the attention it deserves with an expandable cabinet organizer rack. Adjust this two-tier rack to fit your space and needs.

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4. Clear canisters

The best way to keep your pantry organized is by knowing what exactly is inside. Shockingly, the packaging that food often comes in can create the appearance of more clutter. Decant, decant, decant!

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5. Pot lid organizers

I kid you not when I say that buying a cheap organizer for my pot lids CHANGED MY LIFE and created so much more valuable space in my precious cabinet. It made the most harrowing cabinet in my kitchen an absolute haven of peace and harmony.

Buy: 4-Sort Dividers, from $7.99 at The Container Store

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6. Utensil drawer dividers

It’s okay to admit to yourself that you’ve hit a certain age when you get excited about drawer organizers. THEY’RE THRILLING, especially this one from Joseph Joseph, which will fit even the most narrow drawer.

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7. Fridge organizers

Okay, there are more than a few fridge organizers that we are obsessed with here at Kitchn, but this soda can organizer might take the cake. Not only does it hold cans with ease, but it also creates a little shelf for even more storage up above.

Do you have any of these? What spot in your kitchen needs the most organizing?