Our Favorite Online Grocery Delivery Services Kitchn Editors Are Actually Using Right Now

updated Jul 24, 2020
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Whether you’re busy soaking in every bit of summer or just limiting your trips to the supermarket, having groceries delivered is incredibly easy and convenient. Most online grocery sites are set up to make the shopping process as smooth as possible and offer the added benefit of choosing same-day delivery or a date that suits your schedule. That means you won’t waste any precious time driving to and from the store, scanning aisles for items or waiting in line for checkout. Simply relax on your couch with the air conditioner on full blast, and fill up your digital basket. If you’re new to online grocery shopping or looking for alternate options, the Kitchn staff is here to help. Below, a list of our personal favorite grocery delivery services that we actually love and use regularly!

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1. Thrive Market

“It’s seriously been a life-saver this year. I joined in late 2019 to help curb spending at Whole Foods, and it has proved to be the best decision! Not only did I underestimate how little time I’d have to grocery shop after my son was born in January, but I also had no idea we’d be locked down during a pandemic. Getting all of my favorite healthy staples delivered to my door — with prices lower than market value — has been so, so helpful.” — Lauren Kodiak, Managing Editor

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2. Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods

“I love using Amazon to grocery shop because I can always source my hard-to-find international food items, and it’s all delivered to me in a day or less. It’s also great because in addition to my grocery items, I can get everything else: cooking tools, pharmacy items and even office supplies. Plus, things seem to be back in stock, which makes my grocery shopping a whole lot easier and faster.” — Amelia Rampe, Studio Food Editor

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3. Instacart

“We’ve been using Instacart for years now, and it is a game-changer for our household of two working parents and hungry kids! One of the features I love is that I can create a regular shopping list of our favorite basics and just load them into my cart every week. Leaving detailed notes on produce requests and when I’m looking for something specific but can’t find it on the list means I always get exactly what I’m looking for. Also, if you haven’t done it already, download the app; it makes it even easier to chat with your shopper.” — Meghan Splawn, Food Editor, Skills

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4. FreshDirect

“I use FreshDirect to order groceries for work. As a food stylist, I go through a lot of groceries, so it’s really helpful to have Fresh Direct at my fingertips anytime I need to place a big order. It prevents me from having to schlep pounds of food from one side of Manhattan to the other. They have a surprisingly large inventory filled with niche food items and really high-quality produce, and I rarely run into an item they don’t have. (They even had frozen cornbread I needed for one recipe!)” — Jesse Szewczyk. Studio Food Editor

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5. Hungryroot

“I’ve really enjoyed grocery shopping with Hungryroot because they make eating heatlhy(ish) a little bit easier when you’re in a rush. They provide creative, delicious ways to eat vegetables — things like kohlrabi noodles or broccoli rice. Also (and probably most importantly), they are the purveyor of the fudgiest black bean brownie batter that I like to eat with a spoon (it’s better raw than baked!).” — Arie Knutson, Features Director

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6. Walmart

“I usually make a weekly trip to the Indian grocery store for my essentials, but lately I have been looking for alternative ways to get things delivered to my door. And that’s where Walmart came in! I was blown away by the variety and breadth of brands and items they currently stock. And it’s not just the Americanized-Indian groceries, but actually hyper-local brands like Swad, Maggi and Amul that are hard to find at regular grocery stores. Plus, they have Walmart Grocery too, which is very convenient to use and makes shopping breezy.” — Sholeen Damarwala, Commerce Editor

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7. ButcherBox

ButcherBox is my go-to for stocking up my freezer with organic proteins that make up a major portion of my diet. I was able to customize my box to include seafood, turkey burgers and no-sugar-added bacon, among other things. A perfect combination for easy weeknight dinners and bigger-project recipes. AND I used this as my first opportunity to make Instant Pot Carnitas, so great for tacos!” — Anita Chomenko, Associate Producer

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8. Misfits Market

Mistfits Market has been a complete game-changer for my family during these past few months. Since we’re grocery shopping less, having a weekly produce delivery that comes right to our doorstep keeps our fridge stocked with fresh choices for snacking and mealtimes. The best part is that we get to customize the fruits and veggies that arrive, which has helped us to branch out to types of produce that we might not have normally purchased from the store, like golden beets, donut peaches, jicama, Alfonso mangoes and more. It’s become something that we look forward to every week.” — Lauren Masur, Lifestyle Editor, Groceries

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9. Foods of Nations

“I could spend hours wandering the aisle of this NYC institution (and I have). Now, I spend hours wandering their website and getting their near endless array of spices and other hard-to-find ingredients shipped straight to my door.” — Sheela Prakash, Senior Contributing Food Editor

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