The 9 Best New Kitchen Products at KBIS 2024 That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

published Mar 8, 2024
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3 products from the Kitchen and Bath Industry show
Credit: Courtesy of SMEG, Courtesy of GE, Courtesy of CAFÉ

I love attending a home-focused trade show, whether it’s devoted to kitchen and bath products, finishes like tile or other decorative accents, gifts, avant garde design, or home tech. They’re amazing resources and provide plenty of opportunity for discovery. You can learn about a skilled new maker or a company that’s doing something cool in the home space, or just spot an emerging trend in the design world.

I searched high and low for the best kitchen products coming out of the 2024 Kitchen & Bath Show (KBIS) that wrapped last week in Las Vegas. Here’s what earned our sister site, Apartment Therapy’s, “Best of Show” seal — and what you should keep your eye out for coming to market this year (if not available already).

Credit: GE

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker

With the GE Profile new Smart Indoor Smoker, now you can wood smoke ribs, brisket, and other smaller cuts of meat right on your countertops — and it’s quicker, easier, and less dependent on having a big backyard and the perfect weather, too. At just under $1,000, the machine is an investment, but it has all the bells and whistles you’d want out of a smart mini smoker, from five adjustable smoke settings to get the flavor dialed in just right to six food pre-settings and the ability to customize your own settings, too. Even better, the unit features a built-in temperature probe and dishwasher-safe, removable racks and drip trays for easy cleanup. It’s also the first (and only!) indoor smoker with active smoke filtration technology, which converts the smoke to warm air so it can function inside closed doors. 

Credit: Courtesy of Moen
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Moen Luxe Chef Workstation System Sink

Why settle for just a regular kitchen sink when you can have a full-on workstation above your basin? That’s the concept behind Moen’s space-saving Luxe Chef Workstation System Sink. Choose from an undermount single bowl, dual mount single bowl, or a dual mount double bowl, all made out of heavy-duty stainless steel. Then go to town tricking yours out with an assortment of accessories fit for a pro chef: a cutting board, drying racks, prep bins, a colander. Moen truly thought of everything with this design — the sink also features an under-sink pullout storage bin, so you can keep your selection of accessories for prepping and cleaning always at the ready but out of sight.

Credit: Courtesy of SMEG

SMEG The Blast Chiller

Meal preppers, flavor aficionados, and those seeking to cut down on food waste: SMEG’s The Blast Chiller was made for you. Part of their Vitality system of appliances, which also features a vacuum drawer and a combi-steam oven, The Blast Chiller is designed to cool on demand. That means you can rapidly freeze whatever fresh foods you bring home from the market (think: raw fish, veggies, and more), which not only preserves their nutrients and flavors more efficiently, but also prevents further bacteria growth, which can extend the shelf life of your favorites up to 70 percent. 

Credit: Courtesy of LG

LG InstaView French Door Refrigerator with Color-Changing LED Light

Just when you thought LG’s French Door-style fridges couldn’t get any better, the company went ahead and added color-changing functionality to the LED lighting on its InstaView model. Is it kitschy? Yes, but changing lights sure are fun, too — especially if you have little kids or you’re entertaining a crowd. And wasn’t it Pinterest that said kitsch-ens were in for 2024? This appliance can be all business, too, if that’s more your speed.  

Credit: Courtesy of CAFÉ
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CAFÉ CustomFit Stainless Steel Interior Smart Dishwasher with Sanitize and Ultra Wash & Dual Convection Ultra Dry

Available in both stainless steel and matte white finishes, this Energy Star-rated dishwasher has all the functionality you’ve come to expect from the CAFÉ line, including the “Sanitize” and “Ultra Wash” modes that make quick work of dirty dishes, plus convection heating, which can cut down on run time. But the truly game-changing feature is how efficiently you can load this baby, courtesy of its top rack that’s flexible enough to house taller water bottles alongside jars, tumblers, and wine glasses with stems as well as a lid caddy that’s capable of corralling your blender blades and lids. There’s even a spot in the cutlery basket for reusable dishwasher-safe straws!

Credit: Danielle Blundell

Midea French Door Air Fryer 

New to KBIS, the Midea brand didn’t disappoint; the company displayed a range of countertop and larger kitchen appliances as well laundry staples. With its French Door design and stainless steel exterior, this sleek air fryer of theirs caught my eye. It packs plenty of racks — plus, handy baskets and trays — for crisping up anything from Buffalo wings to french fries. Use the presets to make cooking a cinch. 

Credit: Courtesy of Fotile

Fotile 30-Inch Moonshadow Slant Vent Range Hood

When it comes to kitchen appliances, we’ve officially entered the gray-blue era — if Fotile’s gorgeous new Moonshadow finish, a moody matte gray colorway with anti-glare glass, is any indicator. This sleek, slanted design offers more than just good looks. Pairing a 90-degree capture shield with strong, dual DC motors and an extra-wide fume inlet, this design effectively eliminates the smoke and odors cooking can cause and can even be operated hands-free.

Credit: Danielle Blundell

Whirlpool “WipeClean” Coating

Anything that can cut down on cleaning time in the kitchen is a win in my book. That’s why I can’t wait for Whirlpool’s “WipeClean Coating” to start shipping on some of its cooktops and ranges. This technology is exactly what it sounds like. Say you leave a pot on the stove too long, and it leaves behind a crusty burn mark. Or some of what you’re cooking bubbles over onto your cooktop and hardens. The technology in Whirlpool’s new coating means you don’t have to scrub for hours or resort to harsh chemicals; just wet the affected area, wait about five minutes, and then watch sticky messes and seared-on residue wipe away with just a wet sponge.

Credit: Courtesy of JennAir

JennAir 30-inch SlimTech Column Refrigerator

JennAir first revealed its new SlimTech technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but at KBIS, show attendees got a look at the 30-inch Column fridge that now features it. Instead of relying on polyurethane foam for insulation, JennAir is starting to use parent company Whirlpool’s proprietary vacuum insulated structure (VIS). This kind of insulation takes up far less space in the appliance without compromising on efficacy, resulting in thinner refrigerator walls — and the ability to steal some of a fridge’s footprint for storing more food. At the end of the appliance’s lifecycle, the VIS material can be recycled, too, meaning these fridges have a far better effect on the environment long-term.