15 of This Year’s Best Martha Stewart Moments That Prove She’s an Overall Icon

published Dec 29, 2022
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WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 11: Martha Stewart at the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Woman of Leadership Award on March 11, 2022 in Washington, DC honoring Diane von Furstenberg. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for The Dwight D. Opperman Foundation)
Credit: Tasos Katopodis / Stringer /Getty Images

This likely goes without saying, but Martha Stewart had a pretty busy year. And while many consider the “Domestic Diva” to be the picture of proper etiquette and big conservative energy, 2022 showed us a slightly different side of her.

Sure, the usual suspects were there: She expanded her portfolio with new ventures and partnerships, acquired some new titles in new industries, and landed a few fresh endorsement deals. Not to mention, she hung out with Snoop Dogg — both for fun and for work — and offered us recipes and tips on everything from entertaining to decorating and more.

But this year also saw a more uninhibited Martha Stewart emerge. One who discussed first  first dates and her fascination with certain married men during interviews, revealed a crush on Brad Pitt (who she adorably referred to as a young boy), and even offered the world insight into her breakup with Sir Anthony Hopkins. The 81-year-old also saw her name appear in headlines with the likes of Drake, Gwyneth Paltrow, Khloe Kardashian, and Mariah Carey, with rumors also swirling about a budding romance with Pete Davidson.

Unfortunately, 2022 wasn’t devoid of challenges in Martha’s corner either. She tested positive for COVID-19 in June — which led to her having to cancel several appearances and activities. At home, she lost a cat in a “freak accident” involving four of her dogs; then weeks later, saw six of her peacocks die following a coyote attack.

Through it all, though, Martha remained a beacon of unbothered joy and effortless grace, filling us all with the false hope that we too could get on her level one day. But don’t think that means she’s going anywhere anytime soon. According to her, she’s got at least 20 more active years in her. 

Here are some of the best Martha Stewart moments you may have missed this year.

Credit: Martha Stewart for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

1. She broke the internet when she stripped down for a coffee campaign.

In September, Martha broke the internet with a sexy photo that also somehow managed to be wholesome. Martha announced her new role as a spokesperson for Green Mountain Coffee with a photo that found her wearing nothing but an apron as she enjoyed a cup of Joe.

Credit: Goldbelly

2. She partnered with Goldbelly to bring desserts right to your home.

Let’s face it: We might not always have the time or talent to bring Martha Stewart’s recipes to life in our homes. And she sees us in our struggle. So she partnered with Goldbelly to make a selection of her favorite sweet treats available for delivery across the U.S.

3. Her friendship with Snoop Dogg brought about another stream of income.

One of the most admirable things about the unlikely friendship between Martha and her BFF rapper co-host is that these two always find a way to make some money together. And in 2022, that meant releasing a new collection of BIC EZ Reach lighters — an on-brand collaboration for each for different reasons. 

Credit: Palm + Ocean Digital

4. She became a Sin City restaurateur.

You probably don’t think of Las Vegas when you think Martha, but that’s exactly where the multifaceted maven decided to open her first restaurant, The Bedford. The concept is farm-to-table and is reported to have capacity for just under 200 diners. Her restaurant — which opened in August — is now one of the 14 dining options available at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

5. She finally became a podcaster.

This year also saw Martha bring her talents to the world of podcasting through a partnership with iHeartMedia. The Martha Stewart Podcast allows fans to listen in as she has intimate conversations with “people who intrigue or inspire” her. Her first guest, naturally, was Snoop Dogg.

Credit: Frito Lay

6. She collaborated with Frito Lay to solidify her title as an icon.

If you didn’t believe that Martha was an icon before, this year Frito Lay reminded us all in a big way. Through a collaboration aptly titled the Iconic Box, Martha showed us all how to take chips to the next level.

7. Her TV empire expanded with three new shows.

She probably doesn’t do it intentionally, but Martha sure has a way of making the rest of us feel like underachievers. In 2022, she added three new TV shows to her ever-changing variety of projects, thanks to a partnership with Roku.

8. She celebrated a victory at the Westminster Dog Show.

It hasn’t necessarily been a great year for the furry and feathered members of the Stewart family. But Martha’s 7-year-old Chow Chow Buddakan gave them a cause for celebration when he won the Non-Sporting Group Best of Breed category at the 146th Westminster Dog Show.

9. She was announced as the new face of Skechers Comfort.

With all the things that she has going on, it should come as no surprise that Martha’s busy lifestyle brings with it a few physical challenges. So what better way for Skechers to make its Memory Foam and Arch Fit products cool than with one of the coolest senior citizens out there sporting them?

10. She solidified her position as a Hollywood “It Girl.”

Martha Stewart has always rubbed elbows with stars who shine as brightly as she does, and 2022 was no different. This year saw her hanging out with Drake, entertaining rumors of a budding romance with Pete Davidson — who she eventually confirmed was like the son she never had — and even went on a date with rapper and TikTok influencer Yung Gravy.

11. After a bit of banter, Martha helped Mariah Carey remember the magic of Thanksgiving.

As she continues to lean into her pop culture appointment as the “Queen of Christmas,” Mariah Carey declared Christmas season had begun on November 1. Martha, however, helped her see the error of her ways.

12. She proved that the TikTok influencer life isn’t just for Gen Z and Millennials.

You probably didn’t have Martha Stewart winning the best influencer campaign of 2022 on your bingo card for the year, but here we are. Although, one could argue she was an influencer long before the term existed, so her winning the title this year feels like a complete full-circle moment. And thanks to a viral “Thirst Trap 101” video shared in February, she actually added “paid TikTok campaigns” to her many, many revenue streams. 

13. In true Martha fashion, she showed us how to get the most out of our lobster dinners.

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to extract meat from a lobster tail, we’re happy to report there’s a Martha Stewart tip for that. And as she proved in a table-side TikTok post, it’s a one-step method.

14. She released her own wine with 19 Crimes.

Martha Stewart may be almost 100 cookbooks in, but this year she stepped into the wine business through a collaboration with 19 Crimes. Calling her new Chard “really good and eminently drinkable,” here’s hoping that we can expect more wine from her in the near future.

15. She celebrated her 81st birthday just how we would have imagined.

We stan Martha. Full stop. But there’s always room for that love and admiration to grow even more — especially when she haphazardly gifts us thirst trap-y tipsy selfies on her birthday.