Best Nibbles and Snacks for a Low-Key Weekend Party?

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Q: I’m having a very low-key party this Saturday and expect 10 to 15 guests. I am serving craft beers and wine and want to put out nibbles and snacks; nothing heavy, nothing that requires a fork.

Can anyone recommend anything, other than a cheese board and crudites? I’m thinking homemade onion dip with great chips and some nuts from a local roaster, maybe some authentic local-made hummus, but other than that I am out of simple ideas.

Any suggestions are most welcome.

Sent by Heather

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Editor: Heather, you may not want more cheese ideas, if you’re already doing a cheese board, but I can’t resist. What about bacon pops?

Or a trio of cheese balls?

Readers, what else would you suggest?

(Images: Faith Durand)