25 Swanky Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

updated Dec 6, 2022
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a whiskey cocktail with a green leaf garnish and lemon slices in the background.
Credit: Maria Do

This year, move beyond your standard mixed drinks and go-to bottles of wine and champagne. Even you’ll be staying at home, New Year’s Eve is still a big night and it deserves a drink to match. Enter these fun, festive (and easy to make!) cocktails. Whether you stick with something bubbly, like Champagne or prosecco, or prefer a cocktail with a little more oomph, we’ve got all the bases covered. Here are 25 swanky cocktails to mix up for your New Year’s Eve celebration.

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Winter Pimm's Punch
Pimm’s No. 1 is a fruity and lightly spiced gin-based liqueur, and it mingles beautifully with bright cranberry juice, hard apple cider, and zesty ginger beer.
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Cranberry Margarita
The tartness of the cranberries pairs beautifully with the classic margarita trifecta: tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice.
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Blood Orange French 75
This twist on the classic French 75 is refreshing and lightly fizzy with a hint of sweetness. You’ll get about 8 to 10 drinks in this pitcher, so depending on how many people you’ve got coming over, you can easily double or triple the recipe to serve a crowd. 
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Kir Royale
Light, fizzy, and pleasantly pink, Kir Royales are just as simple to make as they are tasty.
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Think of boulevardiers as winter negronis – but with bourbon.
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Sparkling Midnight Thyme Rosé
Here, each cocktail gets a drizzle of rosewater, along with a splash of simple syrup infused with thyme. The herbaceous notes coming from the thyme help balance out any worry that this cocktail tastes too floral.
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Poinsettia Fizz
The rich red poinsettia-colored cocktail is a simple mix of of tart cranberry juice, Grand Marnier and your favorite Champagne or prosecco.
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The Ultimate Classic Martini
A Martini is one of the most iconic and classic cocktails around. Here's how to make the very best one.
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White Wine, Rum & Apple Cider Pitcher Cocktail
The notes of dried orange peels, cloves, and cardamom in the orange bitters impart a toasty, wintry feel and complement the fresh apple flavor here.
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Festive Cranberry Fizz
The best part about this recipe is it can easily transition from cocktail to mocktail, if you so choose.
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Sparkling Pear Sangria
This festive sangria recipe is oh-so seasonal thanks to the addition of ripe, juicy pears.
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Bee's Knees Cocktail
This classic 3-ingredient gin cocktail is lightly sweetened with honey and bright with lemony tartness.
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Champagne Cocktail
This classic cocktail is a wonderful (and super simple) way to dress up a glass of bubbly.
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White Cranberry Margarita
This refreshing white cranberry margarita is the perfect winter cocktail. It's a simple mix of just four ingredients, and a garnish of glittered cranberries and rosemary adds some seriously festive sparkle.
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Sorghum Old-Fashioned
This twist on a classic Old-Fashioned swaps the simple syrup out for sorghum syrup, which lends depth and richness.
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Elderflower & Lemon Sparkling Sipper
Elderflower syrup lends complexity to this simple 3-ingredient sparkler.
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The Manhattan
As cocktails come, the Manhattan is pretty straightforward. Three ingredients—one spiritous, one sweet, one bitter—stirred with ice. But its simplicity is deceptive. There’s a magic that happens when this trio plays together.
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Rosé, Gin & Pink Peppercorn Pitcher Cocktail
This pretty pink cocktail is for those with a slant toward the bitter side. It’s a crisp, tart, and herbaceous twist on a gin and tonic.
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Pomegranate Orange Mulled Wine
This mulled wine is a sweet-tart combination of red wine, bourbon, pomegranate juice, and brown sugar. You'll toss in warming spices like cinnamon sticks and anise pods, as well as fresh fruit, including apple slices, orange slices, and cranberries.
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Sparkling Cranberry & St. Germain Pitcher Cocktail
Serve this easy 4-ingredient cocktail in champagne flutes or other festive glasses for the swankiest effect.
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White Wine, Clementine & Vanilla Pitcher Cocktail
This wine cocktail is a bright and cozy mashup of freshly juiced clementines, subtle vanilla, and a hint of fresh thyme.
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Negroni Sbagliato
This classic Italian cocktail is a bubbly twist on a traditional negroni.
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Cosmopolitan Cocktail
A simple cosmopolitan is sweet and tangy, and deserving of a spot on the roster of classic cocktails.
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Whiskey Smash
One of the best ways to spruce up cocktail hour is to bring in fresh fruit and herbs, and this whiskey smash is the perfect embodiment of that.
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Pomegranate Martini
Turn sweet-tart pomegranate juice into a festive cocktail that's a cousin to a regular martini.
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