The 10 Best New Groceries to Hit Shelves This September

updated Sep 24, 2023
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I know that the new year starts in January, but September always feels like a door opening (or closing, depending on how you feel about the departure of summer). We wave goodbye to our heirloom tomatoes and s’mores-themed desserts and hello to produce (sweet potatoes, apples, and pumpkin) and products that feel homey and rustic. (Cue: Pie season!) 

Along with the change in seasons, Grocery Spotter, The Kitchn’s monthly column sharing the most exciting new groceries hitting shelves, is getting a refresh of its own. Although we’re still sampling the dozens of new items that come out this month — and finding and sharing our favorites with you — we’ll be updating this post throughout September with even more launches. So you can hear about the latest releases as soon as they’re out and about.

This week more frozen waffles join the ranks, along with breakfast-themed pastries, adorably sized candies, and a gluten-free pasta that rivals your favorite boxed mac. Let’s take a look.

Credit: Kat Thompson

1. Frosted Chocolatey Chip Pancake Pop-Tarts

Pop-Tarts have created a fun breakfast mash-up with its new chocolatey chip pancake flavor. These toaster treats definitely veer more on the pancake part than chocolate, with ample buttery and maple flavor. There are flecks of chocolate in the filling and atop the frosting, too, but if you’re looking for a chocolate overload, you won’t find that here. Eat them straight from the packaging if you want, but they’re much better — gooey, melty, and flaky after five minutes in a toaster.

Find it in stores: Frosted Chocolatey Chip Pancake Pop-Tarts, $4.86 for 16 Pop-Tarts at Walmart

Credit: Kat Thompson

2. Brazi Bites Cheesy Gluten-Free Waffles

It’s astonishing how delicious these new waffles from Brazi Bites are. The cheese flavor perfectly crisps up in a toaster, and each bite reveals an interior that is fluffy and chewy, almost mochi-like. The bounce comes from Brazilian cheese bread’s traditional tapioca starch, which is gluten-free, as opposed to flour that gives other waffles their fluff. A serving size of two waffles packs nine grams of protein and would make the perfect base for a benedict or a bacon, egg, and (more) cheese sandwich.

Find it in stores: Brazi Bites Cheesy Gluten-Free Waffles, $5.99 for a box of 6 waffles at Sprouts

Credit: Kat Thompson

3. Peanut Butter M&M Minis

I am of the opinion that M&Ms improve tenfold when they have an added filling, and have been proven correct with the new peanut butter M&M minis. They’re slightly salty from the peanut butter but quickly work in tandem with the chocolate and candy shell. Because they’re so small, they’re especially fun to let melt on your tongue, like catching tiny, sugary snowflakes. Aside from shoveling these by the handful, these mini M&Ms would also be perfect for holiday baking

Find it in stores: Peanut Butter M&M Minis, $4.99 for an 8.6 ounce bag at retailers nationwide

Credit: Kat Thompson

4. Zenb Pasta Red Pepper Harissa Agile Bowl

You’d never expect yellow peas to replicate the texture of your favorite boxed mac and cheese, and yet somehow they do with Zenb’s new agile bowls. The bowls come in a variety of globally inspired flavors, like Mexican street corn and Thai curry, but I particularly liked the red pepper harissa, which was savory and mildly spicy (I’d suggest hitting it with a splash of hot sauce to really ramp up the flavor). The texture of the tube pasta was spot-on — soft and chewy like a traditional boxed mac — especially when considering the preparation required a mere 90 seconds in a microwave. If you’re on the hunt for a quick and easy gluten-free pasta meal, this is it.

Find it in stores: Zenb Pasta Red Pepper Harissa Agile Bowl, $3.99 for 2.6 ounces at Sprouts or at Amazon (sold in variety packs)

Credit: Kat Thompson

5. Banza Blueberry Protein Waffles

Banza makes its first foray into breakfast with new frozen waffles (unless, of course, you count pasta as breakfast — which is perfectly acceptable in my book). Like its pasta predecessor, the Banza waffles are made from chickpeas. A pair of waffles — which is one serving size — clocks in at 10 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and a total of 220 calories. The texture isn’t as fluffy as other frozen waffles on the market, but the flavor is buttery and each waffle is studded with ample blueberries. If blueberry isn’t your preferred waffle, there’s also a homestyle and chocolate chip version. Just make sure you eat your waffles fresh; the texture feels grittier as it cools.

Find it in stores: Banza Blueberry Protein Waffles, $6.49 for 6 waffles at Whole Foods

Credit: Kat Thompson

6. Maine Crisp Cinnamon Maple Buckwheat Crackers

My favorite thing about these crackers is their versatility. Need a crunchy topping to a scoop of ice cream? These cinnamon crackers are optimal for that. Want a sturdy crisp that can scoop up savory dips? These crackers can do that, too. Although definitely on the sweeter side, thanks to plenty of maple flavor and the warmth of cinnamon, these buckwheat crackers would be the perfect addition to any fall charcuterie and cheese board — and they’re gluten-free! I’ve even tried them with olive tapenade, which makes for a spectacular sweet and salty bite.

Find it in stores: Maine Crisp Cinnamon Maple Buckwheat Crackers, starting at $5.99 for 3.7 ounces at Kroger

Credit: Kat Thompson

7. Pringles Everything Bagel

It won’t replace your morning bagel, but Pringles’ latest flavor combo certainly tries. These potato crisps are dressed in a garlic and onion-forward blend and are lightly salted. There are some elements missing; most notably poppy and sesame seeds. Despite this, these chips would definitely pair wonderfully with a whipped cream cheese dip.

Find it in stores: Pringles Everything Bagel, $2.89 for a 5.5 ounce can at Meijer, Giant Eagle, Foodtown, Winco Foods, Pricerite, Shoprite, Woodman’s Food Markets, Piggly Wiggly, Kmart, and more 

Credit: Kat Thompson

8. Momofuku Goods Sweet & Spicy Noodles

The best-selling noodles from Momofuku Goods just got a bit sweeter (and mildly spicier). The new sweet & spicy noodles combine Taiwanese collaborator A-sha’s delightfully chewy air-dried noodles with a Korean chili paste-inspired sauce that’s thick and teeters between subtly sweet and tingly. To heighten the noodles, I’d suggest adding a dollop of chili crisp (you can even use Momofuku’s version to stay on brand), braised bok choy, and a soft-boiled egg

Buy: Momofuku Goods Sweet & Spicy Noodles, $13 for 5 packs at Momofuku

Credit: Kat Thompson

9. Fishwife Slow Smoked Mackerel with Chili Flakes

Not only does Fishwife have arguably the cutest packaging for tinned fish, but it also has some of the most delicious products. The new canned mackerel is no different. Packed in Spanish olive oil with a sprinkling of chili flakes and garlic, this fish is deeply savory, lightly smoky, and tender. It’s delicious on its own with crackers, but I’ve also tossed it into salads and sandwiches. It would be an incredible swap with anchovies for a spaghetti alla puttanesca.

Buy: Fishwife Slow Smoked Mackerel with Chili Flakes, $32 for 3 (3.7-ounce) tins at Fishwife; also available in individual tins at Whole Foods

Credit: Kat Thompson

10. Vân Vân Delta Lemongrass

I’m lucky that lemongrass grows year-round in my Los Angeles backyard, but not everyone has such mild climates perfect for tropical ingredients. That’s where newcomer Vân Vân comes in. Vân Vân aims to provide home chefs with quality dried Vietnamese ingredients which include chilies, garlic, shallots, ginger, and the aforementioned lemongrass. The lemongrass can be rehydrated and thrown into a marinade or sauce, brewed for tea, and even muddled into cocktails. Despite being dehydrated, it remains fragrant and ready for cooking. 

Buy: Vân Vân Delta Lemongrass, $8 for .7 ounces at

What new groceries have you spotted on shelves this month? Tell us about them in the comments below.