I Tried Dozens of New Groceries Hitting Shelves This May — These Are the 10 I’m Most Excited About

published May 18, 2023
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Various grocery products on colorful backgrounds. Clockwise from top right: Noosa Frozen Yoghurt, Gelato, Lemon Bar; Chevoo Urfa and Lemon goat cheese, Omsom Chili Sesame spicy noodles, Juneberry flavored Red Bull, Egoo grab and go waffles, Kit Kat flavored cereal.
Credit: Clockwise from top right: Noosa Yogurt; Belle Cheese Board; Omsom; Red Bull; Kellogg's Eggo; General Mills

May might just be the best month of the year. Winter fully recedes, tulips and poppies are in full bloom, spring produce is at its peak, and there’s much to celebrate — like Cinco de Mayo, Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander month, Mother’s Day, and an influx of new food and drink products hitting grocery-store shelves. 

Of the dozens of items I tried, these are some of my favorite launches for May. From candy bar-themed cereal to chewy noodles from an Asian American- and women-owned brand, this list will help you stock your pantry and fridge with ease. Let’s take a look.

Credit: Kat Thompson

1. Yishi Mango & Cream Oatmeal

Yishi’s line of Asian-inspired oatmeals has expanded with two additional flavors: chocolate chili and mango and cream. The former is reminiscent of chocolate pudding, while the latter, which includes coconut cream in the ingredients, will satisfy any desire for mango sticky rice. The texture is gooey just like the traditional Thai dessert and the sweet flavor of mango is prominent throughout. Have this for breakfast or a heartier dessert. The best part is that it takes three minutes to prepare.

Buy: Yishi Mango & Cream Oatmeal, $7.00 for 8.5 ounces at Whole Foods, Albertsons, and Safeway

Credit: Kat Thompson

2. Natural Bliss Original Oat Milk Beverage

The battle for best non-dairy milk continues, and Natural Bliss’s new oat milk is a worthy contender. Each serving contains 5 grams of protein (10% of the daily value), thanks to a combination of oats and fava bean proteins ,while the texture of the milk is full-bodied and smooth. There’s a sweetened and unsweetened version and both fare well in a latte as well as over a bowl of cereal.

Find it in stores: Natural Bliss Original Oat Milk Beverage, $5.29 for 64 ounces at retailers nationwide

Credit: Kat Thompson

3. Eggo Vanilla Bean Grab & Go Liege-Style Waffles

Liege waffles, with their spheres of pearl sugar studded throughout and cake-like texture, are a treat sometimes hard to come by in the States — but not anymore. Eggo brings its Belgian-inspired version of liege waffles to the freezer aisle, complete with ripples of vanilla bean and actual pearl sugar. They can be simply defrosted and enjoyed, but I prefer putting them through a gentle trip in the toaster. 

Find it in stores: Eggo Vanilla Bean Grab & Go Liege-Style Waffles, $5.99 for 4 waffles at retailers nationwide

Credit: Kat Thompson

4. Hey Hey Elote Goodles

Goodles, the instant mac and cheese brand that packs protein into every serving, just launched a new flavor inspired by Mexican street corn. Hey Hey Elote has a prominent sweet corn flavor that’s rounded out by creamy cotija cheese. To take this pasta to the next level, hit it with a couple dashes of hot sauce. 

Buy: Goodles Hey Hey Elote, $15.96 for a 4-pack at Goodles, available May 23 

Credit: Kat Thompson

5. Chevoo Urfa Chili & Lemon Goat Cheese

For summer cheese boards and avocado toasts galore, pick up a jar of Chevoo’s new urfa chili and lemon marinated goat cheese. The cheese itself has ample tang that is enhanced with lemon-infused olive oil, while the Turkish chili provides subtle heat. This cheese would also fare well in a citrus or pasta salad for cookout season.  

Buy: Chevoo Urfa Chili & Lemon Goat Cheese, $7.90 per 4-ounce jar at Krogers

Credit: Kat Thompson

6. Kellogg’s Maple Raisin Bran 

Fiber-rich cereal Raisin Bran (5 grams of fiber per serving or 17% of the daily value) gets an update with a new maple flavor that tastes reminiscent of a stack of pancakes. There are still plenty of raisins to go around, and the familiar bran flakes remain satisfyingly crunchy. This is for fans of maple bars and syrup that also love the ease of eating a bowl of cereal.

Find it in stores: Kellogg’s Maple Raisin Bran, starting at $4.99 for 15.2 ounces at retailers nationwide

Credit: Kat Thompson

7. Omsom Chili Sesame Saucy Noodles

Omsom, the Asian American sauce brand started by Vietnamese American sisters, just introduced a new line of noodles to accompany its proprietary sauces. Each noodle and sauce kit was meticulously made in collaboration with Asian American chefs and takes minutes to prepare. Of the four new sauces, chili sesame was my favorite; it had the creaminess of sesame paste, ample punch, thanks to black vinegar, and a tongue-tingling heat. 

Buy: Omsom Chili Sesame Saucy Noodles, $39 for 8 boxes at Omsom

Credit: Kat Thompson

8. General Mills Kit Kat Cereal

Kit Kat Cereal launched in the U.K. last year and set the internet ablaze. For U.S.-based fans of the chocolate wafer candy bar who have dreamt of having it for breakfast, there’s good news: The cereal has officially made its way across the pond. It doesn’t necessarily taste like Kit Kats, but it’s rich and cocoa-forward and will turn your cereal milk into chocolate milk, which is always a win.

Find it in stores: Kit Kat Cereal, $5.29 for 11.5 ounces at retailers nationwide

Credit: Kat Thompson

9. Red Bull Juneberry

For a summery sip with a hit of energy, turn to Red Bull’s new Juneberry flavor. Juneberries, which closely resemble blueberries, have a deep sweetness akin to plums and raisins, which shines through this can of Red Bull. To me, it almost tastes like a nostalgic sip of blue Kool-Aid with the addition of bubbles. 

Buy: Red Bull Juneberry, $2.68 for 1 can at Wal-Mart

Credit: Kat Thompson

10. Noosa Out of this Swirl Lemon Bar Frozen Gelato Yoghurt

Noosa introduced frozen yogurt last year and has come out with three new flavors this month: cookies and cream, a mint chocolate chunk, and swirled lemon bar. Of the three, the lemon is my favorite. The base is bright without being too sour, with plenty of lemon bar pieces and icing ribboned throughout. It tastes like the beginning of summer.

Buy: Noosa Out of this Swirl Lemon Bar Frozen Gelato Yoghurt, $5.49 for 14 ounces at Meijer, Publix, Stop & Shop, SEG, Food Lion, Giant Martin’s, Big Y, and Woodmans

Which of these are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below.