I Tried Dozens of New Groceries Hitting Shelves This February — These Are the 12 I’m Most Excited About

published Feb 16, 2023
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Credit: Su-Jit Lin, Ben & Jerry's, Goodles, Ithaca Hummus, La Colombe

We may be short on days in February, but nothing about this list is lacking. You’ll find fresh ways to try familiar flavors (chocolate strawberry, cinnamon sugar, and truffle and cheese), and familiar ways to try fresh flavors (border-crossing soup dumplings, purple potato mochi ice cream, and veg-ified ranch-seasoned cheese crackers). There’s a duo of cool new morning brews and a trio of salsas in varying degrees of heat. Plus, this month, we’ve got a fun lineup of textural adventures, thanks to a cloud-like yogurt and extra-grippy pasta.

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

Here are some of the most exciting and newsworthy releases we sampled this month, including the snacks you’ll want to curl up with for what’s left of winter.

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

1. La Colombe Oatmilk Mocha Latte

The canned coffee masters have done it again — this time with oatmilk and chocolate. This plant-based, dairy-free latte is, in two words, absolutely delicious. Made with single-origin 100% Arabica Brazilian cold brew and sustainably sourced oats, it’s smooth, silky, creamy, and perfectly sweetened. If that wasn’t enough, it debuted with the return of the XOXO Roasted Blend, which has hints of chocolate ganache, candied almond, and cherry.

Buy: La Colombe Oatmilk Mocha Latte, $46 for 12 cans at La Colombe

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

2. STōK Espresso Blend Cold Brew

Alternatively, give your cold brew extra oomph with a splash of this new smoky dark roast. A 10-hour brewing process gives it depth and dimension, with hints of chocolate, brown sugar, caramel, and some dried fruit. This has been great for my unsweetened iced shaken lattes, as it’s not bitter or acidic. And it’s smooth enough to blend well with any kind of dairy or non-dairy milk.

Find it in stores: STōK Espresso Blend Cold Brew, $5.99 for 48 ounces at Kroger, Walmart, and Target

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

3. CHKP Chickpea Yogurt

Attention those allergic to nuts and sensitive to dairy: Yogurt’s back! This new entry is made out of our favorite little legume and all four flavors — plain, vanilla, strawberry, blueberry — are free of gluten, artificial sweeteners, soy, and, of course, dairy and nuts. It’s got live active cultures and probiotics (of course), and the real surprise is how fluffy and mousse-like this kosher newcomer is. It’s airy and slightly foamy, with a slight blanched nuttiness. 

Find it in stores: CHKP Chickpea Yogurt, $2.49 for 5.3 ounces at select Whole Foods Markets and PlantX

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

4. Wildway Dark Chocolate Strawberry Grain Free Granola

Yogurt and granola may be a popular breakfast choice, but I love it as a midnight snack or dessert — especially with this keto- and Paleo-friendly grain-free granola that hits that trail mix sweet spot of crunchy and chewy. It’s supremely rich and earthy, with sunflower and pumpkin seeds, pecans, walnuts, and a generous coating of unsweetened organic cacao powder. Cashews, naturally dried strawberries, and dates add plenty of sweetness; no one would know no sugar was added if I didn’t just spill the beans.

Buy: Wildway Dark Chocolate Strawberry Grain Free Granola, $5.99 for 8 ounces at Wildway and H-E-B

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

5. LesserEvil Space Balls

Cinnamon-sugar snacks are having a moment. Following the release of Pipcorn’s sweet twist on twists (made with upcycled corn flour!), LesserEvil is launching an airy, poofy take with Cinnamon Sugar Stardust. It offers just a hint of sweetness, leading with the aroma of cinnamon, and crunches nicely before melting in your mouth. Using neutral avocado oil, this new vegan line also includes Interstellar (surprisingly vegan) Cheddar, which I put head-to-head with the best cheese ball brands on shelves. Don’t sleep on that light-yet-satisfying crunch.  

Find it in stores: LesserEvil Space Balls, $5.99 for 7 ounces at Whole Foods

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

6. Pure Organic Crackers

Known for sweet layered fruit bars, Pure Organic is getting savory this month with a trio of crackers made with cheese and veggies: Double Cheddar, Parmesan Garlic, and Garden Ranch. They’re thick, robust, and have an absolutely wonderful snap to them. The vegetal notes are deftly hidden and the cheese flavor is also subtle on all but the Double Cheddar. Throw a hunk of sharp cheddar on these crackers and your smile might match the one printed on my new favorite cheese board cracker. 

Find it in stores: Pure Organic Crackers, $4.49 for 5.5 ounces at Kroger

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

7. Ithaca Fire-Roasted Salsas

For next-level deliciousness, just add fire. I’ve written a lot about that principle when it comes to wok hei, but this applies to most other food — salsa included. The hummus brand (and Kitchn editor favorite!) is branching out with new tubs of diced and cold-pressed flame-blistered tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, lime juice, cilantro, garlic, and vinegar, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. It comes in mild, medium, and hot (color-coded to match a traffic light!). As someone who likes their food big and bold, it’s no surprise the spiciest is my favorite.

Find it in stores: Ithaca Fire-Roasted Salsas, $6.99 for 14 ounces at Whole Foods Markets

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

8. Barilla Al Bronzo Pastas

While plenty of brands are experimenting with new-age ingredients (hi, green banana pasta), this Italian maker is bucking the trend by going more traditional (although it’s worth mentioning its lentil pastas are excellent). The new Al Bronzo line cuts its non-GMO durum wheat semolina pasta with micro-engraved bronze dies that rough up the surface so that it becomes like Velcro to sauce — even the slippery long ones like linguine, spaghetti, and bucatini. Chewy, thick, and beautifully robust in flavor and texture, it’s also available in penne rigate, fusilli/rotini, and fat mezzi rigatoni. 

Find it in stores: Barilla Al Bronzo Pastas, $2.99 for 12 to 14 ounces at Publix, Harris Teeter, ShopRite, Price Chopper, Tops, Bashas, Weis, Fareway, and Amazon 

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

9. Goodles Here Comes Truffle

Oodles of noodles keep on coming from this fiber-, prebiotic-, and protein-packed boxed mac and cheese brand. This month we’re seeing the release of one just as grown-up as its hatch chile recipe. Here Comes Truffle adds black truffle to a funky base of white cheddar and Parmesan. The truffle accent is on the subtle side, but you can amp it up with more umami, like adding mushrooms. Plus, in other Goodles news, the foundational Cheddy Mac is now available in-store and in bulk at Costco in California and Hawaii.

Buy: Goodles Here Comes Truffle, $19.16 for 4 boxes at Goodles

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

10. Xiao Chi Jie Taiwanese Braised Beef Soup Dumplings

ICYMI, XCJ XLB is the acronym hot on our lips, and this month there’s yet another reason for it to stay there: Just launched for the recent Lunar New Year is a new beef flavor that crosses the Chinese border for the shores of Taiwan, channeling its classic beef noodle soup. It’s super-savory and zesty compared to the more mild traditional Shanghainese recipes, with an aromatic orange-tinged broth. The pliant dough and softness of the meat filling is still the same, though, for a crossover that pops as easily as the cooked skins of these delicate but filling dumplings.

Buy: Xiao Chi Jie Taiwanese Braised Beef Soup Dumplings, $44.99 for 50 dumplings at Xiao Chi Jie

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

11. Bubbies Ube Ice Cream Mochi

I’ll be upfront about this: Bubbies is my favorite brand of mochi ice cream. The mochi have a faintly sweet, supple shell that’s never grainy (nor too thick!) and dollops of ice cream that always taste premium. They’re cute and already Instagrammable, and this new flavor makes it even more so. This pretty purple tuber is sweet, rich, and translates well into dessert. And its nutty, vanilla-adjacent flavor feels extra creamy. Make sure to let the gluten-free bites thaw for a bit first (if you can stand to wait) for the best textural experience. These were a hit over Chinese New Year with friends and family.

Find it in stores: Bubbies Ube Ice Cream Mochi, starting at $5.99 for 6 mochi at Sprouts

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

12. Ben & Jerry’s Topped Ice Creams

Last but certainly not least, we can’t keep our chill about all these ice cream releases. The latest in a series of launches are two additions to Ben & Jerry’s Topped line: Raspberry Cheesecake, which is a cheesecake ice cream with raspberry swirls and graham cracker pieces covered in a shell of white chocolate ganache and crumbled grahams and, my personal favorite, Bossin’ Cream Pie, a custardy dream with cake pieces, pastry cream, and a milk chocolate and fudge chip shell.

Find it in stores: Ben & Jerry’s Topped Ice Creams, starting at $5.99 for 16 ounces at retailers nationwide

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