The Kitchen = Best New Food Blog?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Okay, so we’re only a week old and this may be jumping the gun a bit, but why not start with a bang? Between now and next Friday, December 16, you can nominate us for a 2005 Food Blog Award! by visiting the Accidental Hedonist.

The only category we really are eligible for (and that’s stretching it) is the Best New Food Blog award. Technically, nominees have posted four times a month for four months. Well, we’ve been posting about three times a day since October, and twice a week on the Apartment Therapy home site twice a week before that. That should count for something, no?

Nominate us here (at the bottom of the

The call for nominations closes at midnight (west coast time) on Friday, December 16.

Who knows, do you think we stand a chance? We may be humble, but we aren’t shy.