This $13 Stain Remover Is So Good It Even Got Turmeric Stains Out of My Favorite Kitchen Linens

updated Jan 8, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Among the many thoughtful presents my mother-in-law gave me for my wedding was a set of ivory dishtowels that I’m still obsessed with four years later. Trimmed with scalloped lace and hand-embroidered with monogrammed details, they’re usually kept safely tucked away in a box, except when we have guests over and I display them on our oven’s handle. Big mistake. During a pre-pandemic dinner party, a friend joined me in the kitchen while I prepped dessert, and suddenly her spice-stained hands (we had biryani for mains, enjoyed Indian style!) were rubbing my beautiful towel in all the wrong ways.

After dramatically dropping my spoon and clutching my heart, I frantically ran the towel under warm water and dabbed on baking soda, then rubbed on a store-bought stain remover before running the damaged goods through a hot cycle in the washer. When it came out, most of the red spice stains had faded, but the bright yellow turmeric stains were still visible, and the delicate fabric seemed thinner in the spots where the stain remover had been. I had all but given up hope when the very same friend shipped me a bottle of Puracy Natural Stain Remover the next day as a sweet apology. I wasn’t expecting much, but here’s the clincher: It miraculously worked!

So here’s how it went: I simply dabbed the liquid on the stains and rubbed the towel gently, leaving it to dry for an hour (the longer, the better), followed by an extra rinse cycle in the washer. Once air-dried, the turmeric stain had completely disappeared, even from the delicate lace border!

Since then, I’ve put Puracy to the test on a bloodred wine stain that was lurking on the carpet for years, brown foundation stains left behind on the collar of a white silk shirt, tomato sauce spilled onto light blue denims, and even a blot of oil that somehow made its way to my light grey sofa. And yes, it’s worked every single time. Even better? The colors have never faded and even delicate fabrics haven’t shown signs of fraying under the weight of the goopy liquid. Plus, a little goes a long way — my six-month-old bottle hasn’t even reached the halfway mark just yet.

Whether it’s the magic of the natural plant-based formula or it’s just darn good at its job — Puracy’s stain remover has forever earned a permanent spot under my tiny, cramped sink. It’s also become my favorite hostess gift because you never know where your own hands might leave their mark.

Buy: Puracy Natural Laundry Stain Remover, $13.37 (normally $20.98)