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I Tried Several Dusting Mitts for My Kitchen and Found One Impressive Winner

published Aug 24, 2022
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When it comes to cleaning my kitchen, I couldn’t get by without microfiber. Stocking up on these reusable cloths has allowed me to drastically cut down on using paper towels, which saves money and helps the planet. Plus, microfiber is much more effective than other cloths — it holds tons of water or cleaning solution and is durable enough to scrub whatever I want to clean. 

But that’s not all microfiber does. Because microfibers are positively charged, they attract dust particles, which have a negative charge. This makes the material amazing for dusting. Enter: Microfiber mitts, my new go-to solution for easily picking up dust on pretty much every surface of my home.

When I first learned about microfiber mitts, I was a little overwhelmed because there are so many to choose from. So I decided to test several to determine which one was actually worth keeping in my everyday cleaning rotation. 


How I Chose the Microfiber Mitts

Because I’ve never tried a microfiber mitt before, I wanted to do a little research before buying. I ended up choosing five mitts that had at least a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and several positive customer reviews.

All of the mitts I chose were under $15, but they had some key differences. Some were finer microfiber, like a microfiber cloth you use to clean. Other mitts had larger microfiber “fingers” to pick up more dust. Some had actual fingers (like winter gloves), while others were more like mittens, with a hand and then a thumb. 

How I Tested the Microfiber Mitts

Over the course of a week, I tested each microfiber mitt in the dustiest areas of my kitchen: a shelf above my countertop and on top of my refrigerator, which includes a pretty tight crevice where the door is. I also tested the mitts on the sconce above a shelf. 

I considered several factors when I was testing the microfiber mitts. First and most importantly, I wanted to know how well each mitt picked up dust around my kitchen. I also considered the durability of each one to ensure I could use them again and again.

Fit was also important. I wanted the mitts to feel comfortable on my hands as I cleaned. Last of all, I judged the price of each mitt against the overall effectiveness to determine the value of the product. 

The Best Microfiber Mitt: Eurow Microfiber Terry Weave Mitt

Credit: Ashley Abramson

Of all five microfiber dusting mitts, one product stood out above the rest: the Eurow Microfiber Terry Weave Mitt . Unlike the other mitts I tried, these have a super-soft, plush feel, which I think makes them better at picking up fine dust particles.

The Eurow is by far the most comfortable mitt as well. It’s snug but not too tight, and so soft that I almost want to wear it all day.

The other options I tried either picked up dust well but were uncomfortable, or they were fun to wear but less effective at their job. The Eurow is both comfortable and effective — everything all in one!

Another bonus — the mitt comes in a pair, just like real mittens do, which was nice. I could simply switch hands when one became overly dusty to avoid spreading dust around surfaces. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson
Hands down, the Eurow mitt does a solid job at dusting.

I was surprised by how well they reached into crevices, too. For example, I had no problem reaching the refrigerator crevice with the thumb of the mitt.

The Runner-Up: Quickie Microfiber Dusting Mitt

Credit: Ashley Abramson

As a runner-up, I also liked the Quickie Microfiber Dusting Mitt. It wasn’t as plush as the Eurow mitt, and there’s no thumb for getting into crevices. Plus, there’s only one mitt. But it does have a few other perks. 

The Quickie mitt is double-sided, with microfiber “fingers” on one side and a finer weave on the other. I used the longer fingers for dusting larger surfaces, and then did detail work and crevices with the flat side. (Apparently, that side is better for polishing). The fit is comfortable, too, with an elastic band around the wrist to keep it snug for easy maneuvering. 

Now that I’ve tried several microfiber mitts out, I’ll be keeping the Eurow and Quickie in my kitchen cleaning cabinet. If you’re looking for an easy dusting solution, I recommend you do, too!

Do you have a favorite microfiber mitt? Share your tips and product suggestions in the comments below.