I Finally Found Something That Changed My Mind About Holiday Cards

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My husband and I are not Holiday Card People. We love getting them — we just don’t send them. Not because we aren’t organized enough or on top of things, but because we don’t have much to tell people. We don’t have kids or pets (although the latter is not my decision!) and we figure people don’t need a card with our silly mugs on them. That’s not to say that people who don’t have kids shouldn’t send holiday cards — it’s just that our updates would be oh-so boring. (“We worked a lot and also watched Castle Rock!”) We’ve thought about sending generic “Happy Holidays” cards, but worried they’re just that: too generic. So instead, we’ve sent nothing.

This year, though, is the year that changes. Because Minted has come up with the perfect type of card.

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Note: They get less expensive, per card, as you increase your order size.

The stationery site has just launched new, all-in-one holiday cards, including a perforated tear-off section, which you can use as recipe cards. Recipe cards! While I don’t have many life updates to share, I do have plenty of recipes that I’d like to tell my loved ones about. For example, I think I’ve finally perfected my peanut butter cookies and my friends are always asking for the recipe to my morning casserole that I serve when hosting overnight visitors. So I can order one of these cards and personalize it with a recipe.

Lucky recipients can tear off the bottom portion of the card and save it for later. I love this idea! It’s also kind of like an easy mini gift, too. Says a rep for Minted about the cards: “They’d also pair adorably with a homemade treat, baking mix, or mulling spices.” And I couldn’t agree more. Maybe, if I pick my eggy casserole, I can hand-deliver the card to a few friends with a bag of coffee to make it extra special.

I’ll still have to come up with a photo and some kind of update to put on the card itself, but maybe I can get a dog between now and when I place my order …

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Do you send holiday cards? What do you think of these?

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