I Tried These Three Internet-Favorite Mini Vacuums to See Which One Cleans the Best — Here’s My Honest Review

published Jun 11, 2021
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Credit: From Left to Right: Amazon, Finelnno

Ever since I was young, vacuuming has been a task saved for intense weekend cleaning sessions. My family turned on music, divvied up the chores, and got to work. The routine has stuck with me to this day, but, unfortunately, saving the vacuum for Saturday mornings doesn’t account for all the days in between. Scraps and crumbs mysteriously accumulate throughout the week, and these mini-messes can quickly pile up. But pulling out a large vacuum just for dust bunnies can feel like a chore, and sometimes those handheld vacs just can’t reach tight spaces, such as the crevices in your computer’s keyboard. That’s why I started looking into crumb vacuums to handle the small and tedious cleaning jobs: I’m talking keyboard dust, cookie crumbs, glitter, and everything in between. 

I ordered three of the internet’s most beloved crumb vacuums, and put them all to the test to see where they fit into our most common hard-to-reach cleaning scenarios. All of these crumb vacuums have made suitable alternatives for small messes that don’t require unpacking my full-size Bissell vacuum. From now on, I can still look forward to my musical weekend cleaning days, and use these small-but-mighty companions for everything in between.

Here are the results:

Best Mini Vacuum for Dust Bunnies

The World’s Smallest Vacuum sounds and looks like a gag gift, but it actually works! I installed some pipe shelves in my dining room that I love, but they’re so close to the wall that it’s difficult to sweep or use a duster behind them. Dust accumulates beneath the shelves quickly since the room gets a lot of traction. My only option up until now has been to get down on my hands and knees with a wet wipe. The World’s Smallest Vacuum was the perfect solution. 

The handheld vacuum, measuring seven inches long, is small enough to fit below the bottom shelf to reach any specks of dust and debris that have made a home there. It comes with two attachments to get deep into smaller spaces, including one with bristles that can be used to sweep up dirt along the edge of the wall. It powers on with the click of a button and the suction is strong enough to pick up loose dirt, dust, and other small bits, but not anything heavier, like M&Ms (I’d need a dust broom for that). On the days in between my deep cleanings, I’m attacking the usual dust bunnies with this mini vac; and I expect that the World’s Smallest Vacuum will be in my cleaning arsenal from now on.

Best Mini Vacuum for Keyboards

The FineInno mini crumb vacuum is a gorgeous little machine that’s under $15. Its sleek design gives the impression of a smart vac, but it can’t move on its own. Bristles on the vacuum’s bottom sweep up small dust particles while a central hole picks up tiny crumbs, scraps of paper, dirt, and in my case, glitter (I still do arts and crafts). I like that the vacuum fits neatly in my hand, so it can be held easily while gliding over the area that needs to be tidied up. Everything you catch is collected in the compartment on the vacuum’s underside, and the top twists open to reveal two slots for the AA batteries that power the device. This microvacuum measures 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall.

The FineInno mini vacuum is ideal to keep near a desk or any other area where you would often do targeted cleaning. It’s powerful for its size, and was even strong enough to pick up the tiny instruction manual it came with. The maximum recommended time to use the vacuum is 10 minutes per cleaning session.

Best Mini Vacuum for Crumbs

You’d be hard pressed to find a vacuum cuter than one shaped like a ladybug. The insect-shaped crumb vacuum sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and even shuffles around on its own as it cleans. I tried the vacuum on a number of surfaces including my laptop keyboard, the kitchen counter, a leather ottoman, and a glass accent table. On smooth surfaces, the vacuum shimmies around on its own, but has to be moved manually otherwise. This desktop vac is powered by two AA batteries, and its suction is strong enough to pick up crumbs, ash, and small scraps of paper. It could lift its tiny, two-page instruction booklet but not a rubber band. 

If you were to let it roam free on a tabletop, the vacuum has to be watched, otherwise it will tip over the edge. I like using this crumb vac to clean up during a crafting session, as bits of paper and glitter inadvertently get everywhere. The table I use is wide enough for the vacuum to move around on its own, but close enough to be within reach in case I need to suddenly change its course.