The Best Milk Frothers to Help You Make Barista-Level Coffee at Home

published Feb 14, 2020
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Fact: A creamy dollop of foam can take your morning coffee from meh to yeah! It might convince you to have a cappuccino at home instead out of at a coffee shop. It’s a tiny indulgence that’s totally worth it — and all you need is a milk frother. But which milk frother is right for you? There are a few different options out there, ranging from inexpensive battery-powered tools to pricey small appliances. We looked to see what other experts and shoppers recommend and then we weighed in with our own two cents at the end. Let’s get frothy!

The Best Milk Frother, According to Cook’s Illustrated

Aerolatte Milk Frother, $17

The editors over at Cook’s Illustrated picked this frother more than 10 years ago. They didn’t have much to say other than the fact that this wand works like a mini immersion blender and is easy to use, clean and store. They also suggested using it to whip up a quick salad dressing for two.

The Best Milk Frother, According to Serious Eats

Nespresso Aerocinno 3 Milk Frother, $100 at Williams Sonoma

Our friends at Serious Eats don’t seem to have an official guide to milk frothers, but they have suggested this electric version in several gift guides. They say that most frothers out there don’t do what they’re supposed to and that this one is different, explaining that it gets pretty darn close to cappuccino-level foam. They also like its nonstick interior (which makes clean up easy) and that it has settings for hot or cold foaming.

The Best Milk Frother, According to The Spruce Eats

Nespresso Aeroccino4 Milk Frother, $100

The Spruce Eats also stands behind an electric version (a different one from the same brand). They like that you can use it to make hot or cold foam and choose between two levels of foam density (for either lattes or cappuccinos). They say it’s incredibly easy to use and also point out that the pitcher is dishwasher safe. And they add that other reviewers say its foams tastes “better than Starbucks.”

The Bestselling Milk Frother on Amazon

Bonsenkitchen Handheld Milk Frother, $8.50

This inexpensive little guy has a 4.6-star rating and more than 2,700 five-star reviews. One reviewer says it’s “blown the others out of the milk.” (Get it?!) Almost all of the reviewers point out the incredibly low price point … and how well it works. They say it’s powerful, effective, and surprisingly durable. Pro tip: An actual former barista says it works wonders with alternative milk.

Kitchn’s Thoughts on the Best Milk Frother

Unless you are about to get really serious about your foam, we think you can skip the countertop frothers. They’re expensive, take up space, and are just a little over the top. Yes, they’re nice if you want to be able to make hot or cold foam, but you can also just use a wand and heat your milk before you froth it. Many Kitchn editors and writers have the Aerolatte Milk Frother and swear by it. It makes quick work of whizzing milk into creamy perfection, cleans up easily (just whirl the head in warm, soapy water), is surprisingly durable, and can even be packed for your next vacation. There’s also a $3 option we like at IKEA if you want to test out the idea of a milk frother. Just know that it will probably break during this calendar year.

Do you use a milk frother at home? Which one do you have?