10 Microwave Cleaners That Will Instantly Remove Splatters and Add Sparkle

published Jan 25, 2024
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From sticky fingerprints to close encounters with food spills, you could say that the relationship between people and their kitchen appliances is very hands-on. Little messes can emerge where you least expect them, like the backs of door handles and underneath crumb trays. There’s also the cleaning you know you have to do, but put off until later, which is often the case with the microwave. It’s easy to forget, especially if you’re heating up food that you plan to eat right away. What starts as “I’ll come back to it later” ends up being days-old splatters of food and grease that require a bit more scrubbing.

Yes, kitchen maintenance is a chore, but there are ways to make it easier. Cleaning your microwave is no exception. From steamers to surface cleaners, these are the best microwave cleaning products you can buy to keep your appliance sparkling both inside and out.

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The versatile and plant-based Nuvera Microwave Cleaner can steam the interior of your appliance as well as clean its exterior, leaving a lemon scent behind. It breaks down grease, food, and grime, and is steam-activated with the help of a single cup of water. "The Nuvera microwave cleaner works great," writes one Walmart reviewer. "It worked so nicely on the inside and outside of my microwave. It was a bonus on how well it cleaned my glass top stove as well. No residue left behind. I am also very happy about the cleaner being eco-friendly. Great for our environment and cleaning." In addition to microwaves, the cleaner also works on stainless-steel appliances.

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This nifty little gadget accomplishes the impossible task of making microwave cleaning fun. Simply remove the head, add vinegar and water, then heat it up for seven minutes. As steam comes out of Mama's head, dirt and stains are loosened for easier cleaning. Voila! Your back-breaking microwave scrubbing days are over.

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Therapy Clean

With Therapy Clean's stainless-steel cleaner, made with coconut oil and lavender oil, getting fingerprints off of your appliances takes seconds. Though Kitchn contributor Erin used this cleaner on her refrigerator, it can be used on stainless-steel microwaves as well. "After just one swipe, it left behind zero residue or streaks. And although I had tons of smudges and stains on my fridge door, it required little effort to wipe them away," says Erin's review. "Just a few wipes and they were gone, a shining surface left behind in their wake. To make your cleaning experience even better, the stainless steel kit includes a large microfiber cloth for wiping and buffing that you can use over and over again.”

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If cleaning your microwave is a multi-step process, cut down the routine with this MiracleSpray Microwave and Cooktop Cleaner. It lifts away food, oil, grease, fingerprints, and more just by spray it on and wiping it away with a clean cloth. In addition to microwave doors and interiors, this cleaner is effective for ceramic, glass cooktops, tile, chrome, and more. This non-toxic cleaner is also available as wipes, further speeding up the process.

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Home Depot

Formulated to break down grease and residue, the Frigidaire ReadyClean Oven and Microwave Cleaner not only cleans your appliance, but polishes and protects from dust, too. While it's not suitable for stainless-steel surfaces, the cleaning spray comes in a recyclable bottle and is built to remove tough splatters and stains. "I have a son who doesn’t cover his containers when microwaving them so he creates a mess almost all of the time. So, I used the Frigidaire brand microwave cleaner and it worked very well," says one reviewer. "No odors were left behind, just a clean microwave."

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For caked-on messes that are long overdue for a clean, it doesn't get much easier than this lemon-scented foaming microwave cleaner that comes as a pack of two. Simply heat up the scrubber to activate its foaming power, steam the interior of the appliance, and soften the gunk in the process. When it's done, wipe your microwave clean with the included sponge and enjoy your newly stain-free machine.

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Easy-Off Heavy Duty Spray was formulated to penetrate and lift even the toughtest stuck-on messes. At under $10 per bottle, it won't break the bank, and it will keep your microwave splatter-free. It has more than 6,800 five-star ratings, with numerous reviewers saying it works exactly as described. Simply spray the degreaser onto the mess, leave it for 30 minutes, and watch as the grease comes off with little effort required on your part.

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The reusable Impresa Microwave Steam Cleaner comes in a pack of two, which means you have one to share or you can keep both for yourself. Using water and vinegar, this little gadget steams in the interior of your microwave to break down old stains and splatters. You can even add a drop of lemon juice to create your own cleaning fragrance. "This microwave steam cleaner has a flexible soft rubber top that is easily pulled off to open the cleaner," says Walmart reviewer Warren. "We had tried a different brand, which had a rigid plastic top, that was difficult for the elderly person that received it to both pull off and reattach. This one is nicer."

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Home Depot

Not only is Simple Green one of my favorite cleaning products, it's also a fantastic microwave cleaner. This concentrated cleaner can be used at full strength for heavy messes or it can be diluted with water for everyday maintenance. It has a scratch-free formula that cuts through grease and food spills with ease, and even deodorized as it cleans.

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No fingerprints, film, or grease are a match for these cleansing wipes. You can effectively clean the inside of your microwave as well as your stovetop by simply wiping it down. No dry time is needed and you can instantly see results without the need for the extra elbow grease. It's safe for ceramic, glass, and tile, and is formulated to protect your surfaces and leave behind a scratch-free and streak-free shine.