The 10 Best Matcha Powders for Your Daily Pick-Me-Up

published May 2, 2024
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Credit: Lauren Volo

Happy Matcha Day, readers! That’s right: In case you didn’t already know, May 2 is dedicated to the powdered green tea we all know and love. Matcha Day falls on Hachiju Hachiya, or the 88th night, which is the first day of spring on the traditional Japanese calendar. It also happens to symbolically mark the beginning of the spring tea harvest. 

As a lover of matcha myself — unlike coffee, it provides a jitter-free boost for me — I’m more than ready to whip up a refreshing iced matcha latte in celebration. While it’s totally great to grab a cup made by the pros at a cafe, making matcha at home is just as good (if not better). It’s remarkably easy, saves you money, and is a perfect way to start your day. From Jade Leaf Matcha to Chamberlain Coffee, check out the best blends on the market below — including a number that have earned our editors’ approval.

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Contributor Stella absolutely swears by Hone’s mushroom-based matcha for a pleasant, jitter-free lift. She noticed that after adding it to her morning routine, she stopped getting coffee-induced headaches. Most importantly, “The matcha is bright and fresh, but grounded with an earthy and almost malted undertone — IMO, it’s a perfect pairing with oat milk. Plus, because it’s already sweetened with monk fruit, so I get to skip the step of waiting for my honey to melt before I whisk,” she wrote.

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Mantra Matcha

Mantra Matcha’s “unparalleled” blend has also earned a spot in Stella’s rotation. “By far the purest matcha you’ll taste, this tea is bright green, signifying that it’s made with only the best of the best tea leaves, brought to us directly from farm to cup,” Stella said. “Simultaneously smooth, bright, and fresh, this stone-ground tea is far superior to any muddy matcha blends you may have tasted in the past.”

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Chamberlain Coffee
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If there’s a celeb-owned brand that you should believe the hype around, it’s Emma Chamberlain’s coffee company. Our former Commerce Managing Editor, Tamara, loves the cold brew bags, but shoppers also can’t get enough of the Matcha Green Tea Powder. Over 1,000 of them gave it five stars, with one writing that “it froths beautifully, the taste is authentic, and the caffeine boost is pleasant without jolting you like a cup of coffee.”

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Jade Leaf

A personal favorite of mine and a bestseller on Amazon, Jade Leaf Matcha’s Sweetened Matcha Latte Mix is beyond easy to make. It’s so tasty that it needs no extra add-ins, and it’s just as good with regular, oat, and almond milk. I’ve been drinking it over ice every day since I got it — it replaced my morning coffee — and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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Although I haven’t tried this powder at home, I have tried Matchaful’s matcha at their NYC cafes, so I have no doubt that it’s just as delicious from a tin. This naturally sweet Kiwami blend offers notes of florals, honey, and cream. Plus, it’s grown sustainably in Japan, and it's crafted from hand-picked leaves of a single cultivar, as opposed to others that source them from multiple farms.

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was $29.00

Stella’s also a fan of this instant, travel-ready latte mix that requires zero milk (so if you’re lactose intolerant, this one’s for you). Instead, it has a coconut milk base, and all you have to do is add some water and stir. “There is a slightly earthy undertone from the matcha, along with notes of cinnamon, cardamom, and turmeric that shine,” she wrote, adding that the coconut milk gives it a “velvety mouthfeel.”

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I can confirm that this mushroom-based matcha from MUD\WTR will give you an energy boost without the jitters. It has a smooth, sweet taste with spicy chai elements, and the starter kit even comes with a top-tier frother and a sample of their coconut milk- and MCT oil-based creamer.

8 / 10

This Kyoto-based company has been making green tea for over three centuries, so you can bet Ippodo Tea’s matcha will be a luxe addition to your lineup. The Ummon blend has powerful umami and a complex taste, which has earned it hundreds of five-star reviews. “If you love smooth ‘tastes like Spring in your mouth’ matcha then this brand is everything!” one reads.

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There’s a reason this matcha has been purchased over 3,000 times in the last month alone by Amazon shoppers. With balanced umami and “a tiny hint of bitterness,” this brand says that their blend is perfect for beginner matcha-drinkers. “Let me tell you, the moment I opened the package, I could see and feel the premium quality — vibrant green color and finely ground texture, you could just tell it was something special,” a shopper wrote. “Sweetness, bitterness, and this subtle umami note that just lingers — it's a whole experience.”

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Clevr Blends

This editor-favorite (and Oprah-loved) brand has a just-add-water, organic matcha mix that’ll be your morning go-to. It’s blended with SuperCreamer, adaptogens, mushrooms, and probiotics. One coffee-drinking shopper said that this blend changed her stance on matcha. “It doesn’t have a super earthy flavor and I love that it uses an oat milk creamer,” they said. “It’s also not too sweet and gives me energy without a big spike and crash.”