The Knife Storage Solution That Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed With

updated Jan 7, 2020
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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all of the smart chefs and home cooks I work with on a daily basis, it’s that when it comes to kitchen tools, a sharp knife is second to none. That’s why I audibly gasp now when I see knives shoved in a kitchen drawer, rustling together every time the drawer is opened and shut — or worse, propped in a knife block that not only dulls the blades but is also quite possibly filled with germs.

Indisputably, the best knife storage solution that keeps knives as sharp as can be (and helps me sleep at night) is a mounted, magnetic knife rack. It prevents knives from scraping against surfaces and each other (which results in dull, and less safe, knives). And it keeps your knives easily accessible when you need them.

Which knife rack is best, though? This Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar is the bestselling and most highly rated option on Amazon, with reviews from more than 3,000 shoppers. Perhaps the best thing about it (aside from it’s great magnetic strength!) is that it’s almost 16 inches long, which means it has plenty of room for knives and other tools.

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Buy: Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar, $18

Here’s what people who’ve purchased this mounting strip have to say about it.

“I’m so happy I ordered this magnetic knife holder. My drawers were too full and even though I have plastic covers for all my knives, I just didn’t like putting my hands in the drawer where they were kept; but I didn’t want a block taking up space on my counter. This provided the perfect solution. I mounted it on the wall next to my stove and the counter where I do all my chopping/cutting and am pleased to have everything I need within reach and now have space in my drawers for things that should be there.”

“I was worried about how to store my knives and big metal utensils when I moved to a smaller apartment, this has been an excellent solution. I used four or five Command strips to mount it above my oven range when I fist moved in and it hasn’t budged or loosened in the six months it’s been up. The magnets hold my largest kitchen knives securely but the hold isn’t so strong as to make them hard to remove. Being above my range it hasn’t shown any staining or splatter from my cooking.”

“I have two really good chef knives that I use constantly. I am a home cook. I’m always chopping or cutting something. I need my knives to be accessible. I can’t stand going through my drawer trying to find my knives. So I bought this wall magnet. I love it! After I clean my knives I put them right back on the magnet where they need to go and where I will find them easily for my next job.”

How do you store your knives?