7 Plants You Can Buy on Amazon to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

updated Jul 17, 2020
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We’ve officially hit that part of winter when warmer weather feels like a long time ago, and we still have a few more months to go before it returns. It’s dreary, it’s cold, and it’s more than a little bit gray. At least we have our indoor plants to remind us of sunnier days—and if you want to add some more greenery to your space, now is a great time to do it (and you don’t even have to leave your home). Amazon has tons of plants and planters available to ship, most of which come from Costa Farms, a popular and trusted supplier that carries a huge variety of plants. We rounded up our favorites from the brand below, ranging from tiny succulents to large fiddle leaf figs.

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Costa Farms Succulents (11-Pack)

Line your windowsills and shelves with all the succulents, or even create your own succulent garden. This succulent collection includes 11 little plants, each unique in size, color, and texture, and potted in a one-inch grower’s pot. Buying in bulk is also a great idea if you have a party or event to host and need an easy party favor.

Buy: Costa Farms Succulents (11-Pack, Grower’s Choice, 2-Inches Tall), $25.99

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Costa Farms Devil’s Ivy Golden Pothos

Looking for something low-maintenance? Pick up this hardy Golden Pothos that ships with a six-inch white decorative planter (you can also order with just the grower’s pot). It’s “stupid easy” to take care of, and drought-tolerant in case you forget to water. They do grow best in bright light, but can tolerate low light; just keep the soil moist and water weekly.

Buy: Costa Farms Devil’s Ivy Golden Pothos, $25.99 with planter

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Costa Farms Snake Plant

Snake plants, characterized by those stiff, upright leaves, is another one of those hard-to-kill plants that make a gorgeous statement on a side table, shelf, or the floor next to the sofa. Plus, this specific plant costs under $40 and even comes with a stylish planter. They grow best near a sunny window, but can tolerate low light situations if that’s what you have to work with.

Buy: Costa Farms Snake Plant, $39.99 with planter

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Costa Farms Raven ZZ Plant

Looking for some tropical greenhouse vibes? The Raven ZZ plant is an uncommon variety, with leaves that start out bright green but quickly mature to a rich, purple-black color that contrasts nicely with other houseplants. This option is 12-14″ tall, ready for placement in the included white ceramic planter. For care, they prefer drier conditions and don’t need a whole lot of light.

Buy: Costa Farms Raven ZZ Plant, $36.99 with planter

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Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree

Yup, Amazon will ship live trees, too. This lush (and totally regal) Majesty Palm is a great addition to any living room, with 3 feet of dark green foliage. It thrives best in indirect sunlight and should be watered when the top inches of the soil start to feel dry. Use it to fill an empty corner, create a room divide, or just make your space feel fuller.

Buy: Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree, $48.99 with planter

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Costa Farms Aloe Vera (2-pack)

Aloe vera isn’t just useful for its medicinal benefits (i.e. sunburns), but also makes for an easy-to-care-for house plant that can thrive pretty much anywhere as long as it’s watered. It’s recommended to keep your aloe plant in a bright, sunny spot, although I will say that my roommate and I had one that totally thrived in our basically windowless bathroom. This two pack of 10″ plants can be purchased with or without planters.

Buy: Costa Farms Aloe Vera (2-pack), $17.42

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Costa Farms Fiddle-Leaf Fig

A robust fiddle leaf fig is the reigning status symbol of the plant world, thanks to their lush foliage and Instagram-worthy appearance. They can be trickier to grow and maintain than smaller plants, but this 3-foot tree at least gives you a head start. To keep healthy, make sure it has plenty of bright, filtered light, and water weekly throughout the growing season, and less so during winter months.

Buy: Costa Farms Fiddle-Leaf Fig, $102.80 with planter

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