The Best Light Bulbs for the Kitchen, According to Lighting Pros

published Jan 29, 2019
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While people’s taste in kitchen lighting fixtures can vary widely, there’s one thing everyone has in common: the need for light bulbs in said fixtures. Walk down the bulb aisle in even a small hardware store, though, and you’ll be overwhelmed with options. How many watts should it be? You definitely want LED now, right? What about those oh-so-trendy Edison bulbs?

We reached out to several lighting experts to find out the best kind of bulbs that boast both form and function. From the various suggestions, one thing became extra clear: Let there be LED, er, I mean LIGHT!

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“The kitchen is both a gathering space and a utilitarian space, which means that quality of light is very important. Tala bulbs blend technology, utility, and beauty in a fun and creative way. Their innovative forms give designers the tools to design unique spaces. Historically, light bulbs weren’t used as statement pieces, but now they can be.” — Bret Englander, Co-Founder and Director of Sales and Marketing at Cerno Group

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“Color-enhanced lightbulbs are perfect for kitchens because they offer a cozy, welcoming ambiance that enhances colors and whitens whites, while still providing ample amounts of light. This is one of Lowe’s top-selling light bulbs because it illuminates your home with clean and vibrant light with exceptional clarity. It is rated to last 13 years (based on three hours of use per day).” — Mark Beck, Merchandising Manager of Light Bulbs and Utility Lighting at Lowes

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“Recessed lighting is another great ambient lighting option for both big and small kitchens. We recommend this one in particular. It has a funnel shape that directs light onto countertops, has outstanding energy-efficiency (on average, saving consumers $151 on energy costs compared to incandescent bulbs), and bright 5000 kelvin daylight so you can see clearly while cooking.” — Beck

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“We recommend LED lighting, because it’s energy efficient, lasts a very long time, and is often dimmable. Plus, you can even get smart bulbs to control them with your phone or voice via a home assistant. Some of my favorite brands are Sonneman Lighting, Tech Lighting, and Modern Farms.” — Arturo M. Baron, Marketing Manager at Lumens

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“For the lights in the kitchen, CREE provides the highest quality available in a LED and averages a homeowner 87 percent energy savings compared to traditional light bulbs. These are among the most popular CREE bulbs at Home Depot.” — Justin Brown, Senior Merchant for Lighting at Home Depot