The Best Le Creuset Baking Dishes, Starting at $16

published May 30, 2024
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When you hear the name Le Creuset, there’s probably one product that immediately comes to mind: the brand’s iconic Dutch oven. While this versatile piece is undoubtedly one of its most popular finds, there’s another area where Le Creuset shines with its fans, and that’s its bakeware

The Best Le Creuset Baking Dishes 

From traditional baking dishes in all colors, shapes, and sizes to specialty dishes and those designed with certain holidays in mind (we’re looking at you, Pumpkin Casserole!), these dishes have become customer-favorites thanks to their durability, style, and ability to double as the ultimate pieces of servingware, too. Below, we rounded up 12 of the best Le Creuset baking dishes on the market today. The best part? These picks start at just $16. So what are you waiting for? 

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Le Creuset
was $75.00

Looking for ultimate starter set? The Heritage set is bound to be one of the most-used items in your kitchen. The duo features two rectangular dishes made from the brand's iconic stoneware: The large size is suited for casseroles, roasting veggies, marinating meat, and more, while the smaller one is for prep work and smaller portions. And yes, you can pick these pieces up individually, too!

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Le Creuset

There's a reason at-home bread making has gotten so popular in recent years: Bread is surprisingly easy to make, especially when you have a dedicated oven such as this one at your disposal. Le Creuset's beautiful cast-iron bread oven is the perfect size for your average loaf. Plus, it comes with a deep lid that lets your creation rise to become fluffy and soft on the inside but crispy and golden on the outside — heavenly!

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Le Creuset

The Le Creuset Fish Baker is a gorgeous oblong-shaped, covered baking dish that features a lid embossed with a fish motif and and a large design. It holds about 2 pounds of fish, and you can still snuggle in some veggies on the side. Best of all, ridges along the bottom help elevate the fish — and any other foods you cook inside — which lends to a more even bake and prevents the fish from sitting in its own drippings for a perfectly flaky, non-soggy filet.

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Le Creuset

This lidded rectangular casserole sports a timeless design in an array of gorgeous enamel finishes that Le Creuset is known for. The dish is ideal for your most beloved confections, including cinnamon rolls and cobblers, because its smooth surface is essentially nonstick, while the stoneware design ensures everything bakes evenly.

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Le Creuset
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If you’re someone starting from scratch, the four-piece Heritage set is truly the best investment you can make. It comes with every piece you could need for all of your baking needs, including a 9-inch loaf pan, 9-inch pie dish, a 3-quart square baking dish, and a 1.7-quart oval baking dish. And yes, you have tons of color options to choose from, too.

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Le Creuset

Cozy days at home call for homemade loaves, and there's no better pan in which to bake it than this one. Of course, you can also use it to prepare all kinds of individual meals, from meatloaf to baked pasta dishes. The interior black satin enamel eliminates the need for the traditional seasoning and maintenance of raw cast iron, ensuring it can let go of food without ruining your loaf's perfect shape.

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Le Creuset

This rectangular dish is available in a handful of the brand’s most iconic hues. It's one of our all-time favorites from Le Creuset since it comes with a lid that can be used for both baking and serving. We also think it would be great for prepping meat or veggies to bring to the grill and then serving them on the matching platter lid.

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Le Creuset

For recipes that call for a crisp topping, the Heritage stoneware oval au gratin dish is a good fit. This pick provides a wide, shallow cooking area, exposing ingredients more directly to heat, ensuring your food will come out with the crunch you’re looking for. Über-functional, it’s also great for everything from prepping food ahead of time and serving dinnertime staples with style.

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Le Creuset

Your Sunday dinners will never be the same with Le Creuset’s Classic Lasagna Dish in hand. Designed specifically for the iconic stample, this pan comes in three of the brands most beloved colorways, offers a generous 5-quart capacity, and features looped handles that make it easy to carry a full dish from oven to table.

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Le Creuset
was $195.00

The Heritage 3-Piece Rectangular Baking Dish Set is a kitchen essential. Ideal for beginners or folks looking to upgrade their bakeware, it includes three versatile dishes for baking, roasting, marinating, and storing leftovers. With deep sidewalls and iconic scalloped handles, these stoneware dishes ensure perfect cooking every time.

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Le Creuset

This Signature Oval Baker is surprisingly versatile, capable of roasting veggies, baking chicken, or searing meat. Unlike the tall sides of a Dutch oven, this baker has shallow edges and a wide cooking area that will ensure even heat distribution whether you're using it in the oven or on your stovetop. And just like any Le Creuset, the enameled cast-iron surface will allow for easy food release and cleaning.

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Le Creuset

Some of Le Creuset’s most interesting (and popular) baking dishes are the ones that offer a bit more flair, like this Pumpkin Casserole. What makes this dish a little different than the ones you may already own is its round design, which, in addition to housing casseroles and roasted veggies, is ideal for making pies and tarts. The lid also comes with a stem-shaped handle and resembles the top of a pumpkin, so it’ll be a total crowd-pleaser come fall entertaining. Take off the lid, and the dish becomes a year-round favorite without the pumpkin-y look.