These Are the Most and Least Popular LaCroix Flavors

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Forget your astrological sign and whether you’re a Carrie or a Miranda, because these days it’s all about which LaCroix flavor you are. Are you a Pamplemousse or a Peach-Pear? People love LaCroix so much that some even want to dress up as their favorite flavor at the beach all summer in LaCroix swimwear.

I have a can of Pamplemousse LaCroix in my hand right now, and I’m eyeing the matching swimsuit, so I have my answer — and it looks like I’m in good company, because Pamplemousse is apparently the most popular LaCroix flavor by a large margin. (It also makes the cutest swimsuit.)

According to Priceonomics and Oh My Green, a company that supplies snacks and beverages to office kitchens, mostly in New York and San Francisco, citrus flavors are among the most popular LaCroix flavor in offices, and Pamplemousse is the most popular overall.

Oh My Green provides food and snacks to office kitchens, and they say LaCroix sparkling water is the single most popular product out of everything they sell. So to figure out the most popular flavor, they looked at all their sales data for the past six months to rank them from most to least popular, from Pamplemousse all the way down to Peach-Pear.

Pamplemousse accounted for 17.4 percent of their LaCroix sales in the past six months. Tangerine is the second most-popular LaCroix flavor, with 14.9 percent of sales.

The third most-popular flavor is Pure, which is just plain carbonated water. That accounts for 12.8 percent of sales, and frankly I have no idea what those people are doing. Saying your favorite flavor is “Pure” sounds like saying your favorite color is “clear.”

Lime comes in at number four, with 11.6 percent of sales, narrowly edging ahead of Passionfruit, with 11.1 percent. After that, we start to get into the fringe flavors. Cran-Raspberry and Mango might have cult followings, but they are not very popular.

I was surprised to see Lemon at number eight on the list of 12. Lemon seems like such a standard, conventional sparkling-water flavor. I would have expected it to be in the top four the way I would expect to see vanilla and chocolate among the most popular ice cream flavors.

There is very little love for Peach, Coconut, and Berry LaCroix, which come in at nine, 10, and 11 on the list, respectively.

But the least popular LaCroix flavor by far is Peach-Pear, which is number 12 on the list and accounts for only 1.6 percent of LaCroix sales. Sorry, Peach-Pear.

What’s your favorite LaCroix flavor, and where did it land on this list?