11 Editor-Approved Knife Storage Solutions That’ll Keep Blades Sharp and Organized

updated Jan 5, 2024
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While we at Kitchn like to talk about things you need for optimal kitchen organization, we also like to tell you about things you don’t need. And one item on your counters that it’s probably time to replace is your knife block. Not only do professional organizers agree that they take up too much counter space, but they can also dull your knives and even harbor bacteria. That’s why we’re here to round up some of our favorite knife storage solutions, including magnetic knife racks, in-drawer knife storage, and even redesigned knife blocks. These are utensil storage solutions that will not only save your blades, they’ll also make life easier in the kitchen.

Ahead, we’ve picked out some of our editors’ favorite ways to store knives, including products we’ve raved about before. You’ll find a few wall-mounted solutions if you’re really after saving space, as well as some counter organizers that are surprisingly slim and specially designed to maintain the sharpness of your blades. No matter which option works best for your kitchen and budget, we’re confident that upgrading your knife storage will give you a little bit of peace of mind the next time you cook.

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Kitchn readers and staffers alike are over-the-moon for this mounted magnetic knife rack that goes far beyond what its name suggests. Because it's designed with slim metal bars instead of one thick band, you can attach S-hooks for hanging utensils and measuring tools. That way, you'll instantly maximize your wall storage and keep your knives safely stored.

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If you currently store your knives loosely in your drawer, check out this sleek bamboo knife organizer as a chic solution. It will not only keep them tidy, but it will protect your blades from dings and chips, too. Its two-tier design allows for double the storage space without taking up any extra room in your drawer. Even someone tight on space will have room for this slim organizer.

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For a budget-friendly standard magnetic pick, look no further than this Amazon knife rack. We love including this knife holder in organization roundups because you won't have to sacrifice counter or drawer space to store knives, and it's cheap at under $20. It can accommodate all of your essential knives, along with tools like shears and a honing rod.

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For those who can't hang a magnetic knife strip on their wall and are fresh out of counter space for a knife block, let us draw your attention to this ingenious fridge magnetic knife rack. It's a renter-friendly find because it requires zero installation and makes storage space out of thin air. Simply stick the 17" strip to your fridge, and you're ready to go. Reviewers rave that it's durable enough to hold up to 13 blades plus stainless steel tools.

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Although many knife blocks are the culprits behind dull blades, a magnetic knife block lets you keep your knives in an easy-to-reach location without affecting their sharpness. We love this stylish block from Material, the makers behind some of our favorite prep tools. You’ll know exactly what knife you’re reaching for — no more fishing around to find the right blade hidden underneath! Plus, each block is made from sustainably grown and harvested wood, so you know that you’re getting something special and unique.

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The accordion-style slotted inlay of this transparent box-style knife block allows you to fit up to 18 knives. Unlike the limited slots for each sized blade of traditional knife blocks, this flexible option can hold your entire collection of knives, even if you have two chef's knives. Some reviewers said they also like to use the stand to store kitchen shears, honing steels, and meat forks.

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While magnetic knife blocks can be stylish ways to safely store knives, they can also cost a lot. This magnetic stand is a great budget-friendly option that can hold a variety of blades on either side for easy access while you're cooking. It's also a breeze to wipe down, and its narrow shape means you can store it on your counters without losing too much space.

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Similar to the Kuhn Rikon knife box, this bamboo block can hold any sized blade and multiples of the same style without needing a corresponding slot of the same size. The slots are parallel, so your blades won't touch each other inside the box, and the drain holes at the bottom will keep any liquid from getting trapped inside and damaging your knives. There's also a smaller size if you're looking to save some space.

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If you're looking to splurge and keep your knives as secure as possible, you might want to check out this stainless-steel knife rack. It offers the space-saving convenience of a wall-mounted rack without risking the chance of a knife getting accidentally brushed off a magnetic rack. Instead, this one keeps your knives in place and safe from any accidental jostling. The open design also makes it easy to locate the knife you need.

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Another in-drawer knife storage option is this mat that includes space for five blades. It's a nice alternative to a solid unit because it gives you more wiggle room in your drawers, as you could use the remaining space on the mat for storing measuring cups or other tools. And, because the mat has a no-slip base, your knives will stay put instead of moving around, which can dull the blades.

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Our senior commerce editor at The Kitchn, Ian Burke, put this stainless steel strip to the test and couldn't help but sing its praises for its exceptional quality. According to Ian, "It’s great that I can easily spot my everyday go-to knives and grab them off the wall whenever I need." Plus, let's not forget the budget-friendly tag, making it a much more affordable choice than its counterparts.