Best Knife? Cheap, Sharp, Lasts Forever

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We spotted this in New York Magazine yesterday: Tom Mylan the butcher-in-chief at Marlow & Sons and Diner in New York City recommends his best budget knife. This is his favorite knife, great for Thanksgiving tasks, and sure to last you at least a decade. What is it? Well, it’s one that we love too.

Mylan’s pick is the eight-inch Forschner knife with a rosewood handle. This is similar to the Victorinox Forschner we own. The Victorinox costs half as much, but has a cheaper, lighter plastic handle.

This one he recommends is really lovely, and it would make a wonderful holiday present for any cook. We just had our Forschner blade sharpened and it’s still as sharp and well-balanced as the day we first received it. It’s a great knife.

• Read the article and Mylan’s suggestions for keeping your knives sharp: Cheap, Sharp, Lasts Forever
• Buy: Forschner 8″ Chef’s Knife With Rosewood Handle, $44.95 at Broadway Panhandler

(Images: New York Magazine and Broadway Panhandler)