We Tested Dozens of Kitchen Tools in 2023 — These Were the 10 Best

published Dec 29, 2023
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L-shaped butcher block counters in a kitchen with no upper cabinets
Credit: Viv Yapp

Well, 2023 was jam-packed with launches from our most-loved kitchen brands, and at the same time, other products resurfaced that we never knew we needed and new brands worked their way onto our favorites list. The Kitchn team has kept up with it all over the past 12 months, putting everything from fry pans to blenders to the test so that you would know if it was worth your money or not. And now that 2024 is on our doorstep, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a 2023 recap of all the best tools we added to our kitchens.

It was no simple task. We tried plenty of items that deserved a top spot, but these truly are the best of the best — and ones that you should certainly consider adding to your wishlist for the New Year. The 10 following editor-approved tools not only will improve your meals, but they’ll also (and most importantly) make your life easier, and which is something we could all use in 2024.

1 / 10
Hedley & Bennett

Whether you have yet to land on the perfect chef’s knife or need to replace your old one, look no further than Hedley and Bennett’s, which is made with three-layer Japanese steel and offers expert precision. Senior commerce editor Ian even said that “it feels like you’re holding nothing” and is so sharp straight out of the box that he could have easily shaved my face with this one.” Sold!

2 / 10

Social media manager Andrea had already been a Hexclad fan when she added their Dutch oven to her arsenal, and after putting it to the test, she was even more impressed. Made with the brand’s signature, high-quality aluminum core and stainless steel interior, it’s nonstick, nontoxic, and metal-utensil-safe. Best of all, it’s half the weight of most typical Dutch ovens.

3 / 10
Great Jones

Ian also loved Great Jones’ baking pan, which boasts the gorgeous style that all of their pieces are known for — just look at the vibrant colors! Featuring a corrugated bottom (which leaves a cool imprint on your dish) and nonstick, non-toxic coating, the aluminized steel construction is both light and durable.

4 / 10
Lancaster Cast Iron

Cast iron skillets are pretty hefty, but Lancaster Cast Iron claims that theirs is lighter and delivers results that are just as impressive as traditional versions’. Ian found this to be totally true, having seen no difference in performance compared to his old skillet. “Plus, this pan is practically nonstick right out of the box,” he added. “And, though it’s lighter, it still has enough heft that it won’t slide around on my burners when I’m stirring or flipping food.”

5 / 10
Our Place

Meal prepping has never been easier (or prettier). Our Place’s nine-in-one set includes mixing bowls, transparent lids, a grater, juicer, and salad spinner, while taking up hardly any space since each piece nestles inside of the other. Commerce managing editor Tamara said that the set was the star of the show when she had a Friendsgiving — each piece was enormously useful.

6 / 10
was $195.00

Another piece that combines beauty and function? Caraway’s roasting pan, which you’ll definitely find yourself putting to work during the holiday season and beyond. Ian enjoyed the fact that it was spacious, but not too big. “It has a good weight to it, too, so you won’t have to worry about it sliding around on the stove, but it isn’t too heavy like a big piece of cast iron,” he added.

7 / 10
Alva Cookware

This straight-edged fry pan, which has 20% more space compared to curved-edge ones, won over senior commerce editor Alicia. “It cooks everything evenly, nothing sticks to this pan, and it’s a breeze to clean — plus, I feel like I’m in an episode of “The Bear” when I use it,” Alicia reported. “When I first touched the surface of this pan, I knew I had majorly upgraded. It feels like it’s already been slicked with a layer of cooking oil.”

8 / 10
was $255.00

Another Caraway find that we’re obsessed with is their cutting board set, which will make your meal prep run so much smoother — and it comes with an organizer, to boot, so it’ll save you the trouble of finding the right way to store them. Senior food editor Kristina noted that she, “love[s] the divots at the top — they’re great for catching any bits and pieces from prep that you need to throw away or just ingredients that you want to keep separate.”

9 / 10
Le Creuset

If you know us, it’s no surprise a Le Creuset offering made our list. “I love my Signature Skillet for giving me all the benefits of cast iron without any of the annoying baggage,” former SEO writer Nic explained. “I can cook whatever I want in it — chicken thighs, hash browns, frittatas — without worrying about my food getting stuck. Then when I’m done, I don’t have to maintain any seasoning on the pan with some complicated oiling ritual — I just clean it and put it away like any other pan.”

10 / 10
was $99.99

An immersion blender is a must-have if you don't have any counter space to spare, and you can’t go wrong with this KitchenAid one that shopping writer Nikol swears by, using it for everything from smoothies to blended soups. “Thanks to this tool, I now make them at least once a week using ingredients that would’ve likely gone to waste otherwise,” she wrote. “And the process takes no time at all because the hand blender shreds everything faster than you can blink.”