13 Step Stools to Help You Reach Everything in Your Kitchen

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No matter how nice, expensive, or fully customized home kitchens may be, they will likely suffer from the same universal problem: unreachable shelves. Inevitably, through the course of stocking your kitchen cabinets with food, dishes, and Tupperware, you’re going to end up putting things in high-up places where you can’t reach them on your own. Thankfully we have a tool to turn those “junk cabinets” above your refrigerator (which you never actually use) into space-saving storage shelves: step stools.

Why You Should Have a Kitchen Step Stool

Kitchen step stools aren’t just for the short crowd. They help you safely take out and put away appliances that don’t fit on your counters, seasonal serving platters, and specialized cooking tools. Step stools afford you full access to all the storage nooks and crannies your kitchen has to offer, so you can keep clutter at bay and truly enjoy your space. And, if you have kids, a good step stool gives them a safe vantage point to learn about cooking up close. Check out our top kitchen step stool picks below to find the right one for your home.

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With its taller size and modern combination of metal and wood, this collapsible step stool can be used in your kitchen and throughout your home. It has enough steps to function as a short — but useful — ladder, and it can double as a multi-tiered side table for storage or display in your bathroom or living room.

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Home Depot

For a heavy-duty, no-frills option, choose this sturdy step stool made by Gorilla Ladders (one of the most clever ladder brands around). This one is lightweight and easy to take out or stow away, which is exactly what you want out of a step stool. Plus, it has these smart little holsters built into it that hold tools such as tape measures and screwdrivers, which will come in handy the next time you're assembling furniture.

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Our budget-friendly favorite is this small and simple step stool with over 4,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Its grippy top makes it super safe to stand on, and its non-skid feet keep it in place while it's in use. And, if you pick up more than one of these, you can stack them together for convenient storage.

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Our shopping writer Nikol bought this folding stool because she needed something that wouldn't take up room in her apartment, and she ended up loving it for both its compact design and durable construction. "As for sturdiness, I can say I feel completely secure every time I step onto the stool," she wrote. "It never wavers or wobbles, plus its rubber feet and textured, anti-skid surface make me feel extra safe."

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Give your kids a safe place to watch you cook (or help out!) with this wooden step stool with guardrails. Its steps have grippy coverings to prevent slips and falls, and the side handles provide additional stability. Adults can use this step stool too, so if you need one device that works for everyone in your house, this is a smart buy.

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Home Depot

Enjoy a step stool that doubles as a fully functional piece of furniture with this combination step stool and chair. The back of this stool folds over the front to become a three-step ladder, then folds back to become a handsome wooden chair. It's a secret storage tool hiding in plain sight!

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If you can't spare any room for a regular step stool or just prefer to keep it completely out of sight, add this ultra-compact folding step stool to your cart. Its legs are sturdy enough to hold up to 250 pounds, but also fold under the rubberized step to let the stool lie completely flat in a drawer or discreet hiding place.

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We're not saying this sleek, metal folding step stool belongs in the Barbiecore decor section, but we're also not saying that it doesn't. Available in pink and lavender color options, this tiny ladder easily fits beside cabinets and large appliances, then can be quickly unfolded to help you access any hard-to-reach spots in your kitchen or anywhere else in your home.

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Sometimes you want a step stool that can also be used as a small display table, foot rest, or tiny seat. That's when you reach for this classic wooden step stool. It has a convenient handle that makes it comfortable to pick up and move around, and it looks just as good helping you reach that high shelf in your kitchen as it does holding up a potted plant in your living room.

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For a modern-looking option that's also a total workhorse, go for this collapsible metal step stool. It's only 2 inches deep when folded flat, so you can easily store it out of the way leaning up against your fridge or stove, or even tucked away in a closet. It has a slightly taller frame to help you reach particularly high places, and it's available in six color options.

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Your entire home will be more accessible when you pick up this budget-friendly, all-purpose step stool. It's tall enough to let you reach the top of your kitchen shelves, as well as bookcases and elevated closet or garage storage spaces, and it folds up to stay out of the way when not in use. Its non-slip feet and steps also make it super stable.

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What makes this retro step stool so unique, besides its antique design, is that it can convert into a counter-height chair when needed, making it ideal for small spaces. And if you have wood floors, don't worry; its non-marring legs will protect them!

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Crate & Barrel

If you want to keep up with the modern design of your household (yes, even with your stepladder), this folding stool from Crate and Barrel is a great option. Not only is its modern design incredibly chic, but it's made of sturdy aluminum and steel, ensuring it will last you for years to come.