The 15 Best Splurges We Made for Our Kitchens in 2022

published Dec 28, 2022
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Not every purchase needs to be a big one — we love a spontaneous sale purchase as much as the next person — but sometimes you want to invest in your kitchen. For us, that time was this year. If you want to make something really special, whether that’s a wood-fired pizza or a stellar vinaigrette, it’s time to treat yourself. That’s why we pulled together a list of some of our favorite splurges of 2022. A few are relatively small, including a luxe pantry staple that’s a little more expensive than its everyday counterpart and a clever cleaning tool. Some are larger, such as a truly life-changing set of nonstick cookware and the ultimate home espresso machine. But, none of these splurges are “just because” — we believe in spending money where it counts most, whether it’s your daily cortado or the perfect pot of rice.

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In our kitchens, this nonstick cookware has been a total game-changer. The non-toxic ceramic coating makes quick work of everything from quinoa to fried eggs — in fact, food comes out so cleanly that the pans barely look used! And, with an array of chic colors, your kitchen will be looking good for years to come.

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Yes, you already have an oven. No, it's not as smart as this one. Thanks to pioneering light technology, the Brava Smart Oven cooks a whole meal in minutes, with precise heat that cooks each ingredient to its perfect doneness. (We were shocked.) It can air fry, slow cook, and dehydrate, and it comes with pre-loaded recipes to inspire you.

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Williams Sonoma

There are toaster ovens, and then there's the Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven. With seven different settings, precision temperature control, and advanced convection, you'll use it for everything from baking cookies to air-frying broccoli. (It's been a workhorse in our writer's kitchen for years now.) Plus, those red knobs add a welcome pop of color to any countertop.

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Williams Sonoma

Have a whole latte love for espresso drinks? This espresso machine will make your mornings infinitely more delicious (and more caffeinated, too). We were won over by its easy controls, offering barista-quality beverages at the touch of a button. It's an investment, sure — but one that turns your kitchen into a coffee shop. Now, to master latte art!

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We admit it: We're obsessed with this spice rack. Sleek and slim, it takes up little countertop space but has room enough for all your go-to flavors. Each jar is made with elegant amber glass, features gilded labels for easy identifying, and comes filled with Evermill's high-quality, ethically sourced spices.

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Williams Sonoma

This might sound like a hefty price tag for a cleaning supply, but we promise you won't regret it. From gunky grill pans to your kitchen sink itself, there's nothing this nylon-bristled brush can't handle. It's safe for all types of cookware, including nonstick, and stands up to the stickiest of messes.

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What do we cook with this fancy pants chili crunch? Everything. This twist on the classic includes just the right amount of black truffle, for an umami-packed sweet-and-spicy condiment you'll want to eat straight from the jar. Your pantry isn't complete without it.

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Trust us: Nothing elevates your pantry game like a luxe balsamic vinegar. This one from Kitchn-favorite Brightland is double-fermented with California zinfandel grapes and ripe Triple Crown blackberries. Add it to your favorite salad dressing or even drizzle it over ice cream.

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Meet the vacuum so amazing it literally made one Kitchn staffer cry. The cordless Samsung Bespoke Jet may be lightweight, but its cleaning power is heavy-duty. With a sleek charging station, self-cleaning feature, and five-layer filtration system, it's not an exaggeration to say it might be the vacuum of your dreams.

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The timeless style of Dansk cookware makes any meal more appealing, and its impeccable craftsmanship means it'll last for years. This beautiful blue casserole is the ideal size for hearty stews, one-pot meals, and — as one Kitchn staffer can attest — the perfect batch of rice. Plus, that classic lid design doubles as a trivet, so you can take it straight to the table.

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Enameled cast iron is a splurge, but this set is so versatile that one Kitchn staffer used it nearly every day. It includes a cocotte, braiser, grill pan, and universal lid — all with the exceptional design and heat conduction you'd expect from Staub. Their distinctive sloped sides allow them to nest snugly for efficient storage.

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Not just a toaster: the toaster. This genius appliance uses steam technology to heat your food faster while retaining moisture. Prep your morning toast, revive last night's baguette, or bake up a bubbly cheese pizza to perfection. Plus, the stylish face makes this a welcome addition to the countertop.

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The Vitamix is a legend for a reason. The 750 features a powerful motor and consistent program settings that create the smoothest smoothies, the purest purees, and the most sippable soups. From family meals to entertaining, it can handle all your kitchen projects.

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Williams Sonoma

Every kitchen needs a sharp chef's knife, and the Shun classic is as good as it gets. It features a "super steel" blade clad on each side with 34 microthin layers of stainless steel. Translation: It'll be your trustiest kitchen companion for a long, long time.

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Ready to really upgrade pizza night? This Ooni Karu oven cooks up crisp, piping hot pies that will give your favorite pizzeria a run for its money. You can power it with wood, charcoal, or gas — either way, it will reach a scorching 950 degrees in as little as 15 minutes.