The $8 Kitchen Shears That Amazon Shoppers Highly Recommend

published Mar 1, 2020
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We’ve gone on the record to say that a great chef’s knife is a home cook’s best friend —and it’s true! — but we’d like to argue that a solid pair of kitchen shears is a very close second best friend.

If you’ve ever wielded a pair of kitchen scissors, you know how handy they can be: to open food packages, snip herbs, shred lettuce, trim fat off meat, prep a can of peeled tomatoes for sauce, spatchcock chicken, slice pizza, and more. Name something you can’t do with kitchen shears. We’ll wait…

We recently rounded up the very best kitchen shears, according to other food experts and shoppers (of course, we also weighed in with our two cents) and couldn’t help but notice the bestselling shears on Amazon are just $8! (Other top picks cost more than double).

So what are the bestselling kitchen shears on Amazon? These KitchenAid Shears with Soft Grip Handles. Let’s take a closer look.

Both blades feature micro-serrations, which help grip whatever you’re cutting as you work. The handles are shaped for comfort and have an extra soft-grip coating. You also get a sheath for drawer storage. And they’re technically dishwasher safe (although it’s highly recommended that you hand wash and thoroughly dry to prevent rust). Again, the shears are the bestselling pair on all of Amazon — and they have a 4.7-star rating, with more than 2,200 five-star reviews.

Here’s what happy shoppers have to say:

“They are larger than I expected, the handles don’t feel cheap, either. I almost think they made a mistake with the pricing on these. I’m very happy with them, and
they are my general kitchen shears.”

“I bought these a year and a half ago for $7.99. I chose to write a review now because I had purchased another pair of stainless steel scissors from a different company for about a dollar less at the same time and I am throwing them away because they are rusting. I use these scissors at least once a day in my kitchen. They still look and work great. They have a nice heft to them and I have never sharpened them in spite of not treating them gently. (I suspect the serrated edge has something to do with the prolonged sharpness but I don’t know for sure.) I wasn’t sure I’d like the extra step of using the cover and expected to lose it quickly but I still use it every time. It not only protects but there is something satisfying about the way it clicks into place. The action of the scissors has never been too loose or tight. They are so popular in my family that they frequently sprout wings and disappear in spite of my strong requests that they stay in our kitchen so I have them when I need them. I have just purchased two more pairs of KitchenAid scissors to hopefully allow these to not fly off so often.”

“These things cut everything I’ve thrown at them. They’re easy to clean, fit in my butcher block, and are built very solidly. If you’ve been stuck with a pair you hate, buy these!”

Do you have a pair of kitchen shears that you absolutely love? Let us know in the comments.